UMS Leadership Learning Pathway

The UMS Leadership Micro-Credential pathway is designed to help you gain the knowledge and experience to be an effective leader. Your work in the pathway will touch on four sub-competencies:

  • Lead Without a Title: A leader motivates and guides others. They raise the morale of their group and take responsibility for what needs to be done.
  • Act as a Catalyst: A leader inspires action. They identify and seize opportunities for change.
  • Demonstrate Self-Awareness: A leader evaluates their own performance. They know their own motivations and manage their anxiety.
  • Learn from Experience: A leader welcomes and applies feedback. They resist defensiveness and see “failure” as an opportunity for greater understanding.
There are three levels to earning the full micro-credential. (Click on each icon for more information):

University of Maine System Leadership Badge Level One

For more information about University of Maine System Micro-Credentials, click here.

UMF Leadership Micro-Credential

The Leadership Micro-Credential is available to all current UMF students.

Stand out.

  • Set yourself apart from other job applicants.
  • Share your badges on LinkedIn.

Strengthen your narrative and digital identity.

  • Develop a stronger narrative about your skills to use in interviews.

Showcase your skills.

  • Get your skills verified and share your badges.
  • Build an electronic record beyond your resume and transcript.

This micro-credential is FREE and self-paced!

Note: There are no required costs, but learners may choose pathways that include course fees or other expenses.

To start the UMF Leadership pathway, please reach out to Kirsten Swan in the Partnership for Civic Engagement.

UMF Badge Level Activities

Click on the following to learn about the options for each of the badge levels.

To complete the Leadership Level 1 Badge, please select one of these options:

  • Meet with an UMS Leadership Center staff member to discuss leadership development opportunities on-campus or in the community.
  • Go to an approved leadership workshop, activity, or meeting and receive information on leadership opportunities.
  • Attend an approved Leadership conference or event and receive information on other leadership opportunities.

Then, complete the Level 1 Badge Form. You will share which option you completed and write a brief reflection on your experience.

To complete the Leadership Level 2 Badge, you must first complete Level 1.

Then, you will:

  • Complete an approved leadership training
  • Demonstrate ongoing participation in a club/organization, program, volunteer activity, and/or working on or off campus, beyond Level 1.
  • Work toward earning the Education Design Lab’s Initiative Badge. (For more information click here.)

You will then complete the Level 2 Badge Form. This will include submitting documentation of your activities and a written reflection of your experiences.

To complete the Leadership Level 3 Badge, you must first complete Level 1 and Level 2.

Then you will:

  • Complete the Education Design Lab’s Initiative Badge. (For more information click here.)
  • Fulfill the responsibilities of an approved leadership position/role, on or off campus.
  • Participate in one further applied leadership activity.
  • Reflect on the application of their leadership training and development.

You will then complete the Level 3 Badge Form. To complete the form, you will need to include documentation of your activities and a written reflection on your applied leadership experience.

Once you have completed all three of the Level Badges, you will be awarded the Leadership Micro-Credential.