A Message from President Serna

Dear UMF Community and Friends,

This year has clearly taught us the importance of adaptability and flexibility. And while things have certainly changed, one thing we’ve kept on track is our commitment to a new strategic planning initiative with our partners at Berkeley Research Group (BRG) – a strategic planning consultant specializing in higher education.

UMF’s strategic planning process will map out the future of UMF for the next five years. A comprehensive and action-oriented plan — along with a transformative mindset — will capitalize on opportunities, partnerships, and experiences that strengthen and more definitively establish our role as a higher education leader in our region. In keeping with the strong tradition of community support at Farmington, the work of constructing the plan will offer many opportunities for input on goals, and strategies, as well as feedback as the process unfolds. 

I encourage you to get involved in the strategic planning process. The success of this initiative will be directly proportional to its community engagement and inclusion of as many voices as possible. We need the active involvement of every member of the UMF community — each and every one of you — if the final result of our work is to identify the best possible path forward for Farmington. Your input will help us get a sense of the key issues and themes, as well as hopes and dreams, that will shape a shared vision for Farmington’s future. Information about future engagement opportunities and planning updates will be posted here on the UMF Strategic Planning site. 

I look forward to the lively discussion that will occur during the drafting of the new strategic plan and the subsequent work of achieving its goals. Thank you in advance for participating in this important process.


Edward Serna
University of Maine at Farmington

Where We Are in the Process

During a Campus Townhall on March 12, 2021, Berkeley Research Group (BRG) presented a comprehensive draft of the Strategic Plan, soliciting comments and feedback from all in attendance. See the Strategic Plan Draft (pdf) and the Town Hall Presentation (pdf).

As of January 5, 2021, our partners at Berkeley Research Group (BRG) are actively working alongside the Steering Committee to complete the Strategic Plan, as well as an operational roadmap for implementation.

On December 11, 2020 BRG presented core concepts of the Plan, along with a revised draft of the goals, objectives, and tactics to the UMF community.  See the December 11 Campus-wide Presentation (pdf).

Additionally, there was a follow-up Steering Committee meeting on December 14, 2020 to review feedback that has been received and to plan future next steps. We encourage you to continue to visit the webpage for future updates. If you have questions and / or feedback for the BRG team, please email umf.planning.ideas@maine.edu.

Key strategic planning numbers are as follows:

BRG Strategic Planning Update – By the Numbers: 80+ interviews conducted, 160+ feedback emails received, 30+ meetings and presentations facilitated, 6 steering committee meetings attended, 443 stakeholder surveys responses received, 198 student surveys responses received, 18 focus groups scheduled.

Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee consists of select faculty, staff, administrators, and students. The committee is charged with guiding and overseeing a process that broadly and effectively engages the University at Maine at Farmington community in developing the University’s next strategic plan.

Steering Committee

Strategic Plan: Guiding Principles

  • Inclusivity. The planning process will engage all members of the University of Maine at Farmington, affording all the opportunity to provide input and feel vested in the outcome.
  • Transparency (communication). Sharing information and timely updates in addition to providing opportunities to engage directly in the process.
  • Taking a broad (versus local, parochial) view. Determining goals and setting priorities based on what’s deemed best for the University as a whole rather than what’s best for oneself, an individual program, an individual department, or an individual division.
  • Consensus decision making. Not every decision will be 100% supported by 100% of participants at the table.
  • Respect. Respect for shared governance, for differing viewpoints, for the process, and for confidentiality.

Project Timeline and Process Overview

The approach for the assessment and strategic planning process is comprised of four phases accompanied by distinct work streams that support clearly defined objectives and manage logical work steps throughout the project. The project plan is based upon the milestones outlined in the timeline.

Timeline and Overview Details

Opportunities for Input and Involvement

BRG is actively soliciting feedback on the proposed Plan items via a survey. Please complete the survey by Wednesday, December 16th at noon to ensure it is considered as the team is finalizing the Plan.

Our goal is to create opportunities to hear from all internal and external stakeholders across the University. Your feedback is an important part of the strategic planning process. Please take 10 minutes to share your thoughts, help us to better understand UMF today, and imagine UMF for the future. We want to hear the ideas of all members of the UMF community as we begin developing priorities and themes for the next strategic plan.

Please continue to check the website for the most up-to-date/current information about specific opportunities to provide input and otherwise be involved.

Surveys Past & Upcoming Events

Strategic Planning Resources

Resource Documents

Contact Us

For questions, suggestions, or concerns please contact BRG at: umf.planning.ideas@maine.edu

To maintain confidentiality, and promote candid conversations, all communications sent to the email address above are being delivered directly to our partners at Berkeley Research Group (BRG).