The strategic planning process will map the future of our University for the next five years. A successful strategic plan will give all students, faculty, staff, alumni and partners a platform for personal accomplishment, as well as the opportunity to make the greatest possible contribution to our work together.

A sound strategic plan will help us make the most of our assets and ensure we are surrounded by great talent, creating and nurturing a community that reinforces excellence in each of us. This plan will help ensure that we will make the most of the time, talent and resources anyone shares with us.

We invite you to visit this page as we update information on how we can position ourselves for the future.

Thank you for supporting the University of Maine at Farmington.

Project Timeline, Past & Upcoming Events

The approach for the assessment and strategic planning process is comprised of four phases accompanied by distinct work streams that support clearly defined objectives and manage logical work steps throughout the project. The project plan is based upon the milestones outlined in the timeline.

Project Timeline Past & Upcoming Events

Surveys & Resource Documents

We are dedicated to engaging the community to help determine the best path forward for the coming years. To do that, our goal is to create opportunities to hear from different stakeholders across the University. Your feedback is an important part of this process. Please select and complete the survey that best describes your relationship with University of Maine Farmington.

Surveys Resource Documents

Steering Committee

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee consist of select faculty, staff, administrators and students who represent the voice of their respective communities, receive and review project status updates, provide institutional guidance and validate opportunities presented.

Steering Committee

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