Student Health & Wellness Advisory Board (SHWAB) Mission/Purpose: Serve as liaisons between the
Student Health Clinic (SHC) and Mental Health and Counseling Services (MHCS), the student population
and administration. SHWAB is a diverse network of student representatives that collaborate with SHC
and MHCS to promote wellness on campus, conduct public health campaigns, communicate awareness
of relevant health issues and topics, educate the University community on health issues and services and
connect the University community to resources.

SHWAB Goals: Our primary goal is to constantly advocate for the overall physical & emotional wellbeing
of our student population and improve the health and wellness of all UMF students, faculty, and staff
through education and action. Overall, the three goals of the SHWAB are to educate and promote
mental/healthcare services, collect feedback about suggested improvements to on-campus
mental/healthcare services, and provide input to the administration on necessary policy changes.

  • Provide input to SHC and MHCS Administrators with concerns, such as accessibility, the range of
    services, sensitivity to issues of culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity,
    student fees, quality, and general satisfaction
  • Make suggestions to, and engage in discussion with, administration and staff for enhancements
    to services and new program initiatives based on student input (which may include e-mail,
    forums, surveys, etc.) regarding their wants and needs
  • Receive input from clinicians and staff regarding how we can best educate students
  • Develop programs to educate students about services and important healthcare issues
  • Obtain knowledge from campus partners for personal/career growth
  • Access to quality healthcare and health education that supports student’s ability to make
    informed decisions about issues impacting any range of health and mental health related topics;
  • Consistent community messaging that empowers students to have a hopeful perception of their
  • Support in being community leaders, role models, and advocates in conjunction with a
    responsive student affairs body.

SHWAB Directors: Directors of SHC (Shelley Hickey) and MHCS (Sarah Carnahan) will serve as co-chairs
and report to the VP of Student Affairs (Christine Wilson) who will report to President’s Council.

SHWAB is composed of 8 members and strives to be representative of a diverse student population.

  • Any UMF student is eligible to apply for membership.
  • Members are selected based on the merits of their application and interest in the group.
  • To remain in SHWAB, members must not have more than one meeting absence per semester
    and be in adequate academic standing.
  • Once accepted into SHWAB, students may remain a member until their graduation, as long as
    they meet membership requirements each semester.
  • Membership is withdrawn by alerting members of the group of the withdrawal, or by failing to
    meet attendance or academic requirements.

SHWAB Coordinators:

  • Board Advisor
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisor
  • Mental Health Advisor
  • Education and Programming Advisor
  • Physical Health Advisor
  • Sexual and Women’s Health Advisor
  • Public Relations & Outreach Advisor
  • Fitness and Recreation Advisor

More information and application will be available at the start of fall semester 2023!!

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