New York City Trip

Every Fall semester Weekend Adventures and Excursions offers a trip to New York City. The cost for the entire trip is only $55 and includes a choice of one of two Broadway shows. Two coach buses travel to New York City late Friday Night and return home early Sunday morning. Tickets go on sale 10 days before the trip and is limited to 110 students.


Six Flags Trip

For the Spring Semester, for the first time, we offered a trip to Six Flags Amusement Park for $25 per student. The students spent 8 hours going on rides, eating food, and playing games. The limit was 50 students and intend to offer this trip again in the future.


Grand Prize BINGO

The greatest BINGO game of each semester is Grand Prize BINGO. The students that participate in these 4 rounds of BINGO are competing for high end prizes such as large flat screen TV, ipad, laptop computer, and a smart watch! We offer BINGO with smaller prizes throughout each semester.


Super Bowl Bash

New England Patriots VS Philadelphia Eagles was aired in the Landing on the night of the Super Bowl. There were classic game day favorites supplied such as buffalo wings, and chips and dip. The room was filled with students and there was a grand prize drawing during the halftime show.


UMF Trivia Night

The latest Trivia Night consisted of questions about all about UMF and prizes from the UMF bookstore. There are several Trivia Nights offered throughout the year and all with different themed questions.


Dinner and a Movie

During the end of the Spring semester we offered free pizza to all students and showed the new Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle in one of the auditoriums on campus. This was great for students to take a break from homework and studying and catch a movie right on campus with a friend.


Gaming Night

There are several different Gaming Nights on campus that consist of Magic, electronic games, and board games. A popular electronic game night is the Just Dance dance off. Students also enjoyed our Cards Against Humanity and Apples to Apples Game Nights. This was another great event to take a break from academics and come enjoy a game with friends.


Open Mic Night

Prizes for top performers and T-Shirts for any student who participates. These are offered once a month and involve singing, poetry reading, and instrumental performances.


Karaoke Night

Music from the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s! A fun way to make great memories with peers and hear some of those throwback songs.


Paint Night

Paint Nights are offered 2 times per semester and are no cost to students. All supplies provided and is limited to 40 students who must sign up ahead of time.


Craft Night

DIY Terrariums, DIY Mug decorating, Tye Dye, button making, cupcake decorating are just a few of what we offer throughout the year. We offer Craft Night every Monday and all supplies provided. A great way to personalize a project and take it home.


Beaver Buck Movie Night

1$ to see any movie at the local theatre every 4th Wednesday of the month!


Stuff-it Night

Limit to 200 people and one stuff-it per person. This year we offered a Harry Potter themed night with Harry Potter themed drinks, food and a variety of Hogwarts stuff-its to choose from. Students enjoyed Butterbeer, Polyjuice Potion Punch, Huffle Puff cheese puffs, and more!


All events sponsored by the Landing are FREE! For more information on Landing events or Weekend Adventure & Excursions trips call 207-778-7346.