UMF Student Housing aims to provide a safe, inclusive and supportive environment for all students. To ensure that we’re providing a supportive space for residents of all gender identities and gender expressions, we offer optional gender-inclusive housing in all of our residence halls.

Throughout the themed and co-ed residence hall communities on the UMF campus (with the exception of Scott-South 1st and 2nd floors) students have the ability to choose an optional gender-inclusive room placement where their roommate preference is not based on gender.  Both mutual consent and the successful completion of the gender inclusive agreement form through the Department of Student Life must be completed. Residents must be 18 years of age or older by the start of the Fall semester to obtain gender inclusive housing.

For New Students

New students may indicate their preference for gender-inclusive placement through the Housing Application (available on myCampus). The Housing Application allows new students to also indicate the name of their roommate preference. Roommate preference requests must be mutual for accommodations to be reviewed.

For Returning Students

Returning students select their rooms for the following academic year during the housing selection process. During this time, students may select a gender-inclusive room.

Mutual consent is required during selection. If, during the academic year, one roommate leaves the room, the remaining resident has the opportunity to either pull in another roommate into the room or will be placed with a new roommate of the same gender.

Contact Us

For more information on campus housing, please contact us.

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