UMF consistently seeks input from recent completers requesting their satisfaction with both the effectiveness and relevance of their preparation/program, their current career, and their future plans. The alumni survey is sent out in the spring every two years in a digital format to all recent alumni (0-3 years since graduation). In order to compare trends over time, most questions are maintained from year-to-year, however, new questions are added when necessary in order to collect alumni feedback about new initiatives and community needs. Alumni responses are anonymous and all questions are optional, providing alumni the opportunity to opt out of any questions s/he does not feel comfortable answering. Questions identify the alumni’s program, license, and graduation year in order to better disaggregate and analyze responses. Likert-style scaled questions are identical to questions included in both the employer survey and the end-of-program survey completed by student teachers, and evaluates individual indicators related to different aspects of preparation. The short answer questions are about program strengths, weaknesses, and additional preparation needs.

2020 Alumni Survey: Effectiveness of the Teacher Education Program

Highlights from the 2020 Alumni Survey include:

  • Nearly three quarters (73%) of recent graduates were hired within four months of graduation, with 85% hired within one year of graduation. Close to 80% are employed as a teacher, with nearly 70% working in their preferred career path and desired position.
  • UMF’s faculty, staff, mentors, supervisors, and advisors and the preparation and support they provide were highlighted as a strength by alumni.
  • UMF’s reputation as a excellent teacher preparation program opened doors for our graduates.
  • UMF seeks to graduate caring teachers, competent educators, and collaborative professional leaders. In this regard, alumni felt the teacher preparation programs were incredibly successful with 90% of graduates indicating that UMF was very effective or effective in preparing them for their careers in education. Areas of strength include preparation in:
    • building respectful relationships;
    • creating positive classroom communities;
    • honoring and responding to student differences;
    • using the best instructional practices;
    • collaborating with colleagues;
    • and, demonstrating a commitment to the ethical and legal responsibilities of the profession.

See the full report here.

2018 Alumni Survey: Effectiveness of  the Teacher Education Program

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2012 – 2016 Alumni Survey: Effectiveness of the Teacher Education Program

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