UMF consistently seeks input from employers of recent completers regarding the scope and effectiveness of candidate preparation. The Employer Survey is survey sent every two years to employers of recent alumni (0-3 years since graduation) requesting feedback about their satisfaction with both the effectiveness and relevance of the preparation/program UMF alumni have received.  In order to compare trends over time, most questions are maintained from year-to-year, however, new questions are added when necessary in order to collect employer feedback about new initiatives and community needs. A faculty work group revised the survey this year, 2018, to remove questions that overlapped in content and sought feedback from the Education Advisory Council. Employer responses are anonymous and are not linked to specific alumni; accordingly, data from the survey cannot be directly linked to or disaggregated by a specific program or licensure group.  The first section of the survey includes Likert-style scaled questions that are identical to questions included in both the alumni survey and the end-of-program survey, which evaluate individual indicators related to different aspects of preparation. The second section includes short answer questions about program strengths, weaknesses and additional preparation needs.

2020 Employer Survey

The Employer Survey summarizes unit-wide findings but is also disaggregated by grade level: Early, Elementary, Middle, and Secondary grade levels. Some unit-wide findings include:

  •  Employers identified building successful relationships, collaboration with colleagues, and the effective use of instructional technology as strengths of UMF’s teacher preparation programs.
  • Just under 90% of employers were very satisfied or satisfied with UMF graduates ability to carry out the assigned responsibilities of their grade level.
  • Short answer responses identified the following strengths of recent UMF graduates, including:
    • Classroom management
    • Collaboration and relationship building
    • Content knowledge, instructional technology, and understanding of standards-based instruction
    • Professionalism
    • An attitude of care towards their students

Read the report here.

2018 Employer Survey

Read the report here.

2016 Employer Survey

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