The End of Program Questionnaire is administered to student teachers across all TEU programs at the end of their placements in the fall and spring semesters. Three open-response questions address program strengths, areas for improvement, and courses or experiences program completers found to be the most influential in their growth as educators. These are followed by 29 questions gauging the effectiveness their teacher education program on a Likert-scale (Effective; Partially effective; Not effective) across the six Common Core Teaching Standards (CCTS) categories – Learner and Learning; Content Knowledge; Assessment; Instructional Practices; Professional Responsibilities; and, Technology – and their respective indicators. The survey is analyzed for unit-wide trends as well as disaggregated by education program to help determine and adapt program goals.

2019-2020 End of Program Questionnaire

For the 66 respondents who completed student teaching in Fall 2019 and Spring 2020, the following indicators were considered strengths of UMF’s teacher education programs:

  • Building respectful relationships
  • Supporting and encouraging successful learning for all students
  • creating a positive classroom culture
  • using best practices for instruction
  • solving problems creatively and constructively
  • and, practicing reflective, life-long learning

In open response questions, respondents noted that the following were strengths of their preparation programs:

  • The number and variety of fields experiences for them to practice what they have learned, including formal practical experiences as well as other opportunities to be in local classroom settings.
  • Faculty and mentor teachers as exemplars of professionalism and pedagogy
  • Small class sizes with courses well-sequenced and complementary

Read the report here.

2017-2018 End of Program Questionnaire

Read the report here.

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