Focus Groups Unit-Wide Data

Focus Groups are short (30 min) discussions with groups of upper-level students with the goal of soliciting student perspectives on their experience, coursework, and preparation. Focus groups are held annually with students in each program (undergraduate and graduate) near the end of their program. Additional focus groups are facilitated as needed. All focus groups are facilitated by the Associate Provost & Dean of Education, which ensures all conversations are facilitated in the same manner. During focus group conversations, when students name a topic (strength, benefit, area for improvement, etc), the facilitator follows up with the topic to see if other students feel the same way. Notably, because the focus group participants’ responses are not quantified, trends cannot be quantified according to number of participants/comments; however, they can be monitored and quantified for number of programs with participants identifying specific trends, and longitudinally for number of years in which a topic is named.

2018-2019 Focus Group Feedback

2017-2018 Focus Group Feedback

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