Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators

The Praxis Series tests are taken by individuals entering the teaching profession as part of the certification process required by the state of Maine and as a graduation requirement for the University of Maine at Farmington (UMF). The Praxis Core test comprises three tests of basic math, reading, and writing.  The range of possible scores on Praxis Core have a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 200., and it is created and administered by Education Testing Services (ETS).

The state of Maine Department of Education (DOE) establishes minimum scores required for certification. Currently, a teacher candidate must score at least 156 on the Reading test, 162 on the Writing test, and 150 on the Mathematics. Further, candidates must achieve a composite score on 468 on the three sections of Praxis Core, with no score on any section more than three points lower than the qualifying scores required by the state.

The Teacher Education Unit (TEU) aligns its Praxis Core requirements with the state of Maine DOE. Students must pass all three Praxis Core sections before entering practicum placements. Additionally, these tests are graduation requirements for degrees leading to certification. As a result, the percentage of graduates from the TEU with a degree leading to certification is 100%.

Praxis Core and Praxis Subject Assessment Tests

2019-20 Average Praxis Core Section Score and Overall Program Passing Rate By CEHR Program


(n = number of test attempts)

Ave. Praxis Core Reading Ave. Praxis Core Writing Ave. Praxis Core    Math % Passing
ECB-ECC (n = 71) 171.49 164.80 158.43 76.9%
ECS (n = 26) 170.22 166.22 155.08 55.6%
ELE (n = 147) 175.03 165.86 163.48 90.5%
HLH (n = 15) 164.67 161.60 148.93 40.0%
SED (n = 28) 171.57 163.86 161.36 89.3%
SEN (n = 31) 187.81 171.10 169.94 96.8%
SMS (n = 16) 183.25 172.38 189.38 93.8%
SSC (n = 11) 187.09 170.91 181.09 100.0%
SSS (n = 31) 186.90 172.84 168.65 93.3%
WLK12 (n = 4) 186.26 171.80 177.26 100.0%

Total Test Attempts 

(n = 380)

176.00 167.22 164.77 86.1%

Five-Year Trends for Praxis Core Section Scores and Passing Rates

Praxis Subject Assessments (Praxis II)

UMF requires Education students to pass the Praxis Subject Assessments (Praxis II) exams in order to student teach or intern and complete their degree. According to ETS, these tests measure knowledge of specific subjects that K-12 and B-5 certified educators will teach, as well as general and subject-specific teaching skills and knowledge. Because passing scores on Praxis II are a graduation requirement for University of Maine Farmington students enrolled in teacher certification programs, the TEU has a 100% pass rate.

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