Academic Year

UB students participate in academic, career/college, and social/cultural events and activities from September to May. Each event or activity increases the chances for success at a post-secondary institution.

Follow-up Meetings

Follow-up meetings are held twice each month and help students develop strategies to overcome personal and academic challenges. Students meet with their Upward Bound academic counselor during a study period and attend after-school workshops lead by a school-based, UB Target School Advocate.


All students are eligible to receive tutoring, in-person or remote, from an Upward Bound professional tutor or peer tutor.  Tutoring in almost any high school subject is available throughout the academic year.  UB mentors are often summer staff members who provide assistance in academic skill development in order to strengthen the potential for success in college.

Interested in becoming an Upward Bound tutor? Visit our page of Employment Opportunities for more information!

Events and Reunions

Once each month during the academic year, Upward Bound participants meet on the UMF campus for a variety of events. Topics include test preparation, college applications, financial aid, academic, holiday-themed parties, performing arts, and summer reunions.

College Trips

Students also participate in UB-sponsored college trips throughout the academic year. Not only do students have the opportunity to see the colleges in the University of Maine System, but UB will often visit colleges in the Boston area and many of the other New England colleges and universities.

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