Those who can, teach! The University of Maine at Farmington’s prominence in the field of Education runs long and deep. The school was founded 150 years ago as an institution dedicated to the mission of preparing teachers.

Distinctive Features

  • Four of the past six “Maine Teacher of the Year” recipients were UMF Education graduates.
  • As Maine’s first public teacher preparation program, we have educated teachers since 1864.
  • UMF is one of only three nationally accredited teacher education programs in Maine.
  • Full-time faculty supervise students in early and extensive field experiences, including student teaching.

UMF Prepares Teachers in Six Areas

First in Education

UMF graduates well-prepared teachers because they have a strong foundation in the arts and sciences; a deep understanding of the learner, the learning process and effective teaching practices; and a great deal of classroom experience beginning in their first or second year of the program.

In fact, four of the last six “Maine Teacher of the Year” recipients were UMF Education graduates. Plus, UMF graduates have been named Teacher of the Year in other states as well (N.H., Vt., to name a few).

The University of Maine at Farmington is committed to preparing students who will become caring teachers, competent educators, and confident professionals. Extensive hands-on experiences in classrooms; solid content and pedagogical knowledge; extensive work with state and national standards; and ability to work collaboratively are just some of the reasons UMF teacher education graduates continue to be in such high demand.

NCATE Accreditation

UMF is nationally accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). This accreditation provides an assurance that UMF’s teacher preparation programs have met national standards and have undergone rigorous external and impartial review by professionals and policymakers.

Many states have reciprocity agreements based on graduation from NCATE-accredited schools, so graduates will generally find it easier to apply for licensure if they move out of state