Those who can, teach! The University of Maine at Farmington boasts one of the premier teacher education programs in New England. If you’re interested in teaching and inspiring, there is no better place to get your start than UMF.

Distinctive Features

  • Maine’s 2015 Teacher of the Year, Jennifer Dorman ’93, is a UMF Education graduate.
  • Three of the four 2015 Maine Teacher of the Year finalists were UMF Education graduates.
  • Maine’s 2015 Elementary School Principal of the Year, Tracy Williams ’82, is a UMF Education graduate.
  • Five of the past 7 Maine Teacher of the Year recipients were UMF Education graduates.
  • Three UMF Education graduates have been honored by the President of the U.S. with the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.
  • Two UMF Education graduates received the prestigious Milken Family Foundation Educator Award.
  • Two UMF Education graduates have been named Maine History Teacher of the Year.
  • UMF is one of only three nationally accredited teacher education programs in Maine.
  • UMF was featured in Newsweek’s Great Teaching Schools 2014.
  • Full-time faculty supervise students in early and extensive field experiences, including student teaching.
  • As Maine’s first public teacher preparation program, we have educated the best & brightest teachers since 1864.

UMF Prepares Teachers in Six Areas

We connect our Education students with relevant job and volunteer opportunities around the campus and in the Farmington community. UMF has an early childhood child care center on campus and is conveniently located in the heart of the local K-12 school district.

The first component of each Farmington teacher preparation program is the First Year Experience, where you take an introductory course specific to the age group you want to work with as a professional. This allows you to also begin getting experience in the field in your very first year at UMF.

The second component is Practicum. Here, in your sophomore year, you combine coursework in teaching methodology with significant time spent working, teaching and learning in a public school classroom or early childhood setting.

Next, is the senior capstone experience, Student Teaching — an immersive 16-week program where students work in a professional capacity in a public school or early childhood setting with mentoring by UMF faculty and a mentor-teacher in the field.

Finally, UMF Education students participate in a Portfolio Presentation. Each UMF teacher candidate produces and presents to faculty, staff, students and the public a professional portfolio of their work including lesson plans, assessments, teaching samples and more.

NCATE Accreditation

One of just three nationally accredited teacher education programs in Maine, UMF is fully-accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). This accreditation provides an assurance that UMF’s teacher preparation programs have met national standards and have undergone rigorous external and impartial review by professionals and policymakers.

Many states have reciprocity agreements based on graduation from NCATE-accredited schools, so graduates generally find it easier to apply for licensure if they move out of state.