Whether you choose one of our many May Term Travel Courses (where students travel with UMF faculty to study in Italy, Ireland, England, Germany, Spain, Costa Rica, Austria, Tanzania, Peru, or Cyprus, to name a few) or one of our formal semester-long exchange programs, we encourage you to explore the exciting possibilities of international study.

We also offer scholarship funding to help you participate in one of our exciting study abroad opportunities.

Affordable Short-Term Study Abroad Options

And if an entire semester abroad program is a bit too long or too expensive, our professors frequently arrange inexpensive, short-term travel courses to places like: Italy, Scotland, Costa Rica, Ireland, Japan, England, Newfoundland, Spain, Tanzania, Austria and more.

These short-trip options have become hugely popular at UMF.

The countries vary year-to-year but they are conveniently offered during regular semester breaks — usually during Winter Session and May Term.

Because the time away is much shorter, the cost is far less … however, the experience is priceless.

Immerse Yourself in a Semester Abroad

The University of Maine at Farmington offers the opportunity to participate in exciting semester-long, study-abroad opportunities in a wide range of countries. UMF also has formal Exchange Program in China, England and France (see below).

We also offer semester-long study abroad opportunities through our partner providers in many countries including: Ireland, Australia, Italy, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Japan, Scotland, Ecuador, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, New Zealand and more.

UMF’s Formal Exchange Programs

Semester in France

Le Mans: Hosted by the Le Mans Université, a 7,500 student campus located about an hour by train (TGV) southwest from Paris, this program provides an intensive immersion in French language and culture and courses taught in French in a variety of disciplines for students with at least one year of college-level French language study. LeMans is a beautiful city located on the Sarthe River near the Loire Valley. The region has chateaux, picturesque villages, fine cuisine, theater, films, shopping and more.

Semester in England

Hull: This program with the University of Hull, a cosmopolitan university of more than 20,000 students located on the north-eastern coast, offers courses in a variety of areas including business, humanities and social sciences, performing arts, sciences and education.

Semester in China

Beijing: For students with at least one year of college-level Chinese language, Farmington offers an intensive program in Mandarin Chinese and Chinese culture at Beijing University of Technology, a 20,000-student university of science, engineering and management. Beijing, the political, economic and cultural center of China, is home to more than 10 million people.

Shanghai: Founded in 1905, Fudan University has more than 27,000 full-time local students and 2,800 international students. Located in the Yangpu District in the northeast part of Shanghai, Fudan University is a 20-minute subway ride to the downtown area. Students with one year of college level Chinese language may choose to study Chinese language and culture, a combination of Chinese language and other subjects taught in English, or only other subjects taught in English.

See More of America — National Student Exchange

If experiencing a different part of the U.S. is more to your liking, we can arrange for you to study away for a semester or an academic year through the National Student Exchange program. Nearly 200 different institutions in 49 states, D.C., three U.S. territories, and four Canadian provinces participate in this program.

Our students recently studied at colleges and universities in: Canada, California, Alaska, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Montana, New Mexico, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Texas, to name a few.

Whether you want to experience other cultures first hand, see your own country from a different perspective, test your language skills, or trace your personal history, you’ll return to UMF with a new understanding of your world and yourself.

Student Teaching Abroad

For UMF Elementary and Secondary Education majors, there are also opportunities to student-teach abroad. Placements at local or international schools are available in: Hong Kong, Ireland, South Korea and Spain.

And, in case you are wondering …

  • Most, if not all, of your financial aid can be used for Study Away.
  • You will earn college credit for the courses you successfully complete.
  • We will provide opportunities for you to share your experience upon return to UMF.