There’s still time to Transfer for Fall 2022 and it’s still FREE!

We offer a $1,000 scholarship for ALL Transfer students and we’ll review your college transcript within 48 hours.

Make the Affordable Transfer Choice

  • We offer a $1,000 scholarship to ALL qualifying Transfer Students: Maine residents and non-Maine resident, whether you attend a Maine college or an out-of-state school, whether you’re coming from a community college or a private school. 
  • Plus a $2,000 scholarship for Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) members.
  • And a very special offer for Transfer students who graduated from a Franklin County (Maine) high school in 2019.
  • These are in addition to our other scholarships and aid offerings.
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Transfer to Farmington — FREE

There’s still time to Transfer for Fall 2022

You can apply to transfer for FREE to the University of Maine at Farmington several ways:

Note: The University of Maine at Farmington CEEB Code is 3506

Portrait of Transfer student Alicia James-Aldus“Some differences between my first college and UMF? Here, it’s super-easy to get involved in things, you can do so much — even if it’s brand new to you. So, I take a dance cardio class at the Fitness Center and I’m totally out of my element but I absolutely love it. I never miss a class.”

— Alicia James-Aldus
Transfer Student
Psychology major
New Durham, New Hampshire

What will transfer? Get an answer in 48 hrs or less.

We understand your need to know what previously taken coursework will transfer to Farmington. To speed things up we will review your college transcript within 48 hours.

Just send us your scanned transcript and we’ll let you know — within 48 hours (weekends excluded) — what will transfer, for how many credits, and for what equivalent courses.

And no application required to have us evaluate your transcript. Just send it to us first. Fast and easy!

University of Maine at Farmington
Transfer Transcript
224 Main Street
Farmington, Maine 04938
fax  207-778-7555

Note: The University of Maine at Farmington CEEB Code is 3506

Want to Transfer into our Teacher Education programs? It’s easy.

We know many of you want to transfer to UMF for our outstanding Teacher Education programs. No Praxis – No Problem. We don’t require the Praxis Exam in advance of your transfer. You can apply to transfer in right away. If you haven’t taken the Praxis before you arrive, you’ll just need to take it your first semester here. We want you to know that in case you need to prepare for it. Again, this Praxis Exam info pertains only to those who are transferring into our Education programs.

We truly value Transfer students like you.

We appreciate the wisdom and different perspectives you bring to our campus. You’ve experienced someplace else and you had the courage and conviction to know you know what you want … and what you don’t want. That’s bold. Gutsy. Independent. And we like that. 

Farmington has always welcomed students from other colleges who seek to join our campus community. We have a lot of Transfer students here, so you’ll fit right in. And it has been our experience that Transfers to Farmington have been among our strongest, most motivated and successful students. Like them, you’ll do great things here.

At Farmington, we major in personal attention.

We understand that at large universities you can sometimes feel like you’re treated like a number, that you’re an anonymous face in a vast sea of other people. Enormous lecture halls, mobs of people, professors who don’t even know your name. (We hear this from students who transfer here from big schools.)

We’re the alternative to a big, impersonal school. Here, you’ll get to know everyone and everyone will get to know you.

Thirty+ majors. A national reputation. Internship opportunities. A friendly, close-knit campus. All at an affordable price. Here, it’s all About YOU.

The University of Maine at Farmington is a small, friendly, close-knit campus where students are the center of the universe. Our small classes (avg. class size is just 18 students) are taught by caring, dedicated professors. Though many of our faculty members are nationally-recognized experts in their fields, they have a passion for teaching and also take the time to get to know their students.

Sharing ideas, debating issues, collaborating with students on a research project, holding office hours to review a term paper, or helping with a tricky assignment, our professors will become an active part of your life. And some will even become treasured lifelong mentors. This doesn’t happen at all schools, but it IS part of The Farmington Way.

Ready for Farmington but still at a Maine Community College?

The Maine Community College System and the University of Maine System, which includes UMF, have established a Reverse Credit Transfer agreement that allows you to earn an Associate degree or Certificate at your Community College by combining credits from a UMaine System University with credits you previously earned from your Community College.

This means you can transfer to UMF before completing your Maine Community College Associate degree or Certificate — your UMF credits will satisfy your Associate degree or Certificate requirements.

Just complete and submit the Reverse Credit Transfer Form (pdf)

Contact Joe McShane, below, for more information or for assistance filling out the form.

Sound good? Let’s Talk!

Change is good. But change can sometimes be confusing or seem complicated. That’s where Assistant Director of Admissions and Transfer Specialist Joe McShane comes in.

Joe is your primary contact for all things Transfer. Because he transferred to the University of Maine at Farmington when he was a student, Joe knows the UMF transfer terrain first-hand.

He can guide you through the process, answer your important questions, and also tell you how easy it is to transfer to Farmington and what it was like to go to school here: academics, extracurriculars, clubs and organizations, living in the Farmington area and more. Joe works at UMF year-round and is ready to help you on this next step of your academic journey

Go ahead and reach out to Transfer Specialist Joe McShane now.

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