Arts in Our Hearts. As you might expect from a creative place like the University of Maine at Farmington, we’re home to a vibrant arts scene that gives participants and observers alike a great opportunity to get involved.

UMF, and indeed the greater Farmington area, is considered the cultural center of the region.

  • ZOMBIE-02-1026-14 247
    UMF students in the class FYS100 - Zombies: Haiti to Hollywood preparing for the 4th annual Bangor Zombie Walk.
  • ZOMBIE-03-1026-14 247
    UMF Zombie students (FYS100 - Zombies: Haiti to Hollywood) at the Bangor Zombie Walk. Assistant Professor of French Clint Bruce accompanied them. In full zombie garb and makeup, of course.
  • artsnight-2014-03
    UMF student performing original songs from his first / recently recorded EP as part of Arts Night, held in UMF's Emery Community Arts Center.
  • tempest-2014-068
    A student performance of Shakespeare's The Tempest. UMF's Alumni Theater's "black box" design allows for intimate theater-in-the-round staging.
  • clefnotes-2014-01
    The UMF Clefnotes student a capella group performing in Lincoln Auditorium.
  • arts-culture-ss-new-1
    A student band rocking UMF's Emery Community Arts Center.
  • arts-culture-ss-7
    A UMF student working on her art in one of the University's art studios in Merrill Hall.
  • arts-culture-ss-5
    A student band performing in UMF's historic Nordica Auditorium as part of the University's annual Arts Night celebration.
  • artsnight-2014-01
    Students performing their original piece, Dance of the Dolls, as part of UMF's annual Arts Night celebration.
  • BofB
    These guys slayed it at WUMF's annual Battle of the Bands competition / concert.
  • arts-culture-ss-6
    UMF Professor of Music Steven Pane working with a student on an original composition.
  • arts-culture-ss-new-4
    The UMF Clefnotes student a capella group performing in the Emery Community Arts Center as part of UMF's annual Arts Night celebration.
  • clefnotes-2014-02
    The UMF Clefnotes student a capella group performing in Lincoln Auditorium.
  • arts-culture-ss-10
    Students taking in an exhibit in the Flex Space Gallery in UMF's Emery Community Arts Center.

With an active local and campus community of artists, musicians, poets, actors, writers, filmmakers, improv comics and more, the University has hosted performances by nationally and internationally known musicians, dance troupes, and comedians; exhibits by renowned artists; readings by Pulitzer Prize  winning poets and renowned authors; and thought-provoking dramas, comedies, and musicals.

UMF Arts District

Nestled alongside Merrill Hall / Nordica Auditorium and the Alumni Theater, UMF’s new Emery Community Arts Center forms a collaborative, multi-discipline, “Arts District” right on campus.

The UMF Dept. of Sound, Performance, and Visual Inquiry (SPVI) is committed to challenging the contemporary boundaries of the arts. Its innovative interdisciplinary curriculum creates an exciting environment for collaboration and exploration of the arts.

Creativity Without Boundaries

Here, students in all majors (not just those majoring in programs in The Arts) are encouraged and inspired to push the boundaries of their creativity.

They act, direct, write, and stage inspired — and inspiring — theatrical, musical and spoken word performances.

They create and produce videos and animations for Pixel Hunter, the annual on-campus student-produced film festival.

They exhibit their original work at the UMF Art Gallery, the Emery Community Arts Center, and at surprise “guerrilla art” installations across campus.

They work with the campus community and collaborate with local arts organizations to participate in, publicize and champion arts events on campus and around the Farmington area, year-round.

At UMF, we dare you to dream, to stretch your talents as far as your imagination will allow.

Get Your Arts On

The University of Maine at Farmington is home to a wide variety of student-run and community-based arts organizations. UMF also hosts arts events of every kind throughout the year.

  • Ministry of Experimental Arts
  • UMF Community Chorus
  • Theatre UMF Plays
  • Emery Community Arts Center Events
  • Sandy River Players
    Community Theater
  • Pride Week Talent Show
  • Art Renegades
  • Lawn Chair Pirates
    Improv Comedy Troupe
  • UMF Film Club
  • Concert Nights at The Landing
  • UMF Chamber Choir
  • WUMF 91.5FM
  • UMF Writers Guild
  • Student Art Exhibitions
  • Dollar Movie Nights
    at Narrow Gauge Cinema
  • Pixel Hunter Video & Animation Festival
  • Live Hip-Hop at The Landing
  • Otaku / Anime Club
  • Visiting Writers Series
  • Sandy River Review
    Student Literary Magazine
  • UMF International Film Series
  • WUMF Battle of the Bands
    Rock Concert Competition
  • The Clefnotes Student a Capella Group
  • Pride Week Arts & Crafts Night
  • UMF Community Orchestra
  • Zombies vs. Humans
  • Poetry Slam Nights
  • UMF Art Gallery
  • Farmington Flyer Student Paper
  • Pride Week Movie Night
  • Live Action Combat
  • And so much more!