Farmington named “Collegiest Town in Maine” by Washington Post

FARMINGTON, ME  (February 16, 2023)— According to the Washington Post, the University of Maine at Farmington is located smack dab in the “Collegiest town in Maine”—Farmington.

What makes the collegiest town as reported by the national publication? “College towns feel different.”
College towns have that synergy that is felt everywhere but hard to describe. It maybe has something to do with the feeling you get when someone you don’t know holds the door open for you or says. “Good Morning.”

UMF students shopping in downtown FarmingtonUMF students shopping in downtown Farmington

“It’s an atmosphere of belonging,” said Lisa Ellrich, assistant vice president for enrollment and director of admission. “People refer to ‘Farmington’ as both the town and the college all the time. For over 150 years the two have been knit together with a common purpose, to see each other be successful, and you can feel it.”

According to the article, a college town’s geography is a bit removed from the hectic urban areas and their attitudes are relaxed and homespun. In addition, they have the highest percentage of college students compared to the general population.

The Post states that the classic college town is “built around the school at its heart.” There is an undeniably close connection between the rhythm of the campus and the town, and the ebb and flow of the seasons.  And though students and townspeople may be grateful for summer break, they are always looking forward to the fall and a reenergizing of the town and campus community.

“Farmington is a small Maine town in the heart of the western Maine lake and mountain region that offers the best of both worlds,” said Lee Nile, president of the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce. “It offers a beautiful natural setting where the college and local community are closely connected and can provide valuable opportunities for each other to thrive.”


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Photo Caption: UMF students shopping in downtown Farmington
Photo Credit: UMF Image

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