Of course many UMF faculty are well-known and widely-published experts in their fields, but they chose to work at Farmington because have a passion for teaching. It’s their true calling. And they take the time to really get to know their students.

Teachers and Lifelong Mentors

At Farmington, you’ll work closely with your professors. Sharing ideas, debating issues, conducting research, or helping with a tricky assignment. Your professors will become an active part of your life. And some will even become treasured lifelong mentors.

Collaborating with students on a research project, holding office hours to review a term paper, or chatting over a cup of coffee and more, our professors take the time to get to know you — your research passions, your favorite sports teams, your thoughts on current topics, what bands you’re listening to, your favorite authors and more.

Here, the vast majority of our classes – even introductory classes – are taught by full-time faculty. We don’t use graduate assistants to teach our classes. (This is not the case at all universities.)

Academic Divisions & Departments