Believe it or not, there’s more to college than taking classes, doing research, going to your job, and doing your homework. There’s this other thing we like to refer to as … FUN. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

Being located in the spectacular lakes & mountains region of western Maine, you’d expect Farmington to offer tons of outdoor action: skiing and riding, mountain biking, hiking, canoeing, kayaking — and we do!

But we also have more student clubs and organizations than many schools twice our size. We’ve got: music clubs, theater clubs, dance clubs and improv comedy clubs; volunteer and community service organizations; student government; social and events programming; religious clubs; political clubs; activist clubs; literary clubs and science clubs; plus a student-run newspaper, student-edited yearbook, student-operated radio station and more.

DIY (Do It Yourself)

And if you don’t see the particular student organization you’re interested in, then do what lots of Farmington students have done — Do It Yourself, create your own club! In fact, that’s how most of our student organizations came into being.

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