Study Away/International Sashes for Graduation Ceremonies

The Office of Global Education sponsors the study away/international sash program for graduation ceremonies. Select individuals qualify for these sashes, worn over the graduation gown. Each sash can depict one to four foreign country/state flags. The UMF commencement brochure will contain a description and explanation of the sash program, with a list of represented countries/states. We are excited about this program and the opportunity to highlight our study away and international students and faculty.


Graduating seniors who… 

Are international students
Are foreign-born nationals

Have participated in an approved Study/Teach/Intern Away or Abroad program.

This includes Semester Abroad, Student Teach Abroad/Away, National Student Exchange, and Faculty-Led Short Term Travel courses.

Have participated in a UMF Virtual Global Experience (VGE) course
Please note the following….
  • If you are a foreign born national who now has US citizenship you may also choose to display your native country flag and the US flag in a double sash.
  • If you are a foreign born national who does not wish to display your country flag for political or other reasons, there is a trans-global sash available.
  • Students who studied abroad in multiple locations are eligible for a sash depicting multiple countries. There are single, 2-flag, 3-flag, and 4-flag sashes available.
  • Students marching in May who will participate in a 2024 travel course OR complete student teaching abroad/away the following fall semester as their final degree requirement ARE eligible.

Faculty and Administrators participating in graduation ceremonies who…..

Are foreign-born nationals
Have participated in a UMF formal teaching experience abroad (includes a semester, shorter/multiple/repeat terms)
Have led a short term travel course abroad or domestic
Have taught a UMF Virtual Global Experience (VGE) course
Spent a semester studying abroad while in college/earned a degree abroad


  1. Submit the Student and Faculty Graduation Sash Order Form to indicate your choice of sash (single, double, etc.) along with your country choice(s).
  2. Submit your Sash Fee Payment here.
  3. Only orders processed as above by the April 1 deadline will be included in the commencement brochure country/state list.

Order and Payment Deadlines are April 1, 2024

Sashes will be shipped directly to the UMF Office of Global Education. You will be notified when your sash is ready for pickup.