UMF in the News: UMF exemplifies the excellence of USCSA

According to a recent article in Ski Racing Magazine, the Sports illustrated magazine of ski racing, skiing and ski racing at UMF exemplifies the excellence of the United States Collegiate Ski Association. The write-up states that, “there are currently 170+ USCSA schools that offer a wide variety of opportunities. The University of Maine Farmington is one of the best.”

UMF student skiiersAbbey Landry, Jocelyn Stevens, Paloma Shelton, Tegan Andrew, Sami Hotchkiss, Fallon Smith, Maddie Ten Kate

Ski Racing points to the visionary founder of Farmington skiing Tom Reynolds, for why this program is legendary. “No one anywhere in the world loves skiing and ski racing more than him. Reynolds is known for his willingness to share his knowledge and assist in educating anyone with an interest in the sport. His passion remains an integral part of UMF and is still the energy driving the program to be its best. Reynold’s mantra is coaching is teaching and teaching is coaching.”

In addition, UMF Head Coach Andrew Willihan—named USCSA 2022 Coach of the Year—-and UMF athletes and parents share their thoughts on what makes a great team and has helped them grow in all aspects of their lives.

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