Farmington Faces: Suzanne Lauze, a new grad with a competitive edge

Suzanne Lauze, a nontraditional student with a diverse set of life experiences, came to the University of Maine at Farmington to get the education she needed to pursue a professional career. She graduated this spring with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a new competitive edge.

UMF graduate Suzanne LauzeSuzanne Lauze sees the last four years as a huge investment in her future.

A member of the growing college population of adult learners, Lauze joined the work force right after high school, but years later found she needed more educational preparation in order to compete in today’s job market. At a pivot point in her life and with a young child, she applied to UMF and started on her journey to move forward.

“I was nervous about this big change for me and my daughter and unsure how I’d navigate in college. I see myself as a nontraditional ‘mom’ student, and one of my biggest hurdles was childcare. But the Farmington campus and town community is so welcoming and accepting. I remember days when my only choice was to bring my daughter to class with me and my professor and classmates became her extended family,” said Lauze.

Looking back at her experience, Lauze sees the last four years as a huge investment in her future.

“When I started at Farmington, I couldn’t have predicted how I was going to put my life back together, but college helps you think about the world differently and now I’m so thankful and ready to take it on,” said Lauze.


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