UMF in the News: Breakthrough research at the University of Maine Farmington could help treat multiple health disorders

A University of Maine at Farmington research project that could be on the brink of finding new treatments for several illnesses and disorders is in its second phase, according to a recent News Center Maine story.

The study, funded by the National Science Foundation, focuses on the behavior of fish genes similar to those found in humans. 

Students from surrounding high schools have also been welcomed into the lab to make discoveries alongside UMF student researchers and scientists.

UMF Professor of Biology Tim Breton engages Mt. Blue High School students in National Science Foundation research project.

UMF biology professor Dr. Tim Breton invites Mt. Blue High School juniors and seniors to participate in biotech research project funded by the National Science Foundation.

Thanks to a more than half-million dollar National Science Foundation grant, Breton and his team of UMF student research assistants are using new, powerful tools to study the behavior of these hormone receptors. Research that could provide new clues and potential treatment for some diseases—including diabetes, schizophrenia, and autism spectrum disorder.

To read the entire article, go to News Center Maine

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