Andrew Barton

Drew Barton
Title Professor of Biology
Telephone 207.778.7397

Raised in the southern Appalachians, Andrew Barton is a forest and fire ecologist, science writer, and professor of biology. His research focuses on forest response to changing climate and wildfire in the mountains of the Southwest. His current projects focus on an endangered plant, fire management in national parks, and the use of the new ECOSTRESS instrument on the International Space Station to predict vegetation recovery after wildfires. Drew is the author of the award-winning book, The Changing Nature of the Maine Woods, and Ecology and Recovery of Old-growth Forests in Eastern North America. He co-founded the Michigan National Forest Watch and the UMF Sustainable Campus Coalition and was a board member of the Mt. Blue-Tumbledown Conservation Alliance, which protected 30,000 acres of forestland in western Maine. He teaches courses on ecology, conservation, and forests, as well as a travel course on the ecology of Costa Rica.


  • 1991 PhD University of Michigan
  • 1984 MS University of Florida
  • 1980 AB Brown University