Deborah Baker

Deborah Baker

Lecturer / Field Supervisor

Telephone 207.778.7172

Deborah Baker is committed to helping future educators acquire the skills they need to plan meaningful lessons, differentiate instruction, assess students’ learning, manage the classroom, and work collaboratively with school communities. Teaching, learning, and leading experiences in Maine and California as a teacher, principal, student teacher supervisor, and ASCD leader helps her connect educators to powerful resources. Student teaching is a field experience that provides future educators the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in schools. It requires the collaboration of student teachers, mentor teachers, principals, and student teacher supervisors. Student teachers build relationships, reflect on decisions, receive specific feedback, and demonstrate professionalism.  For almost ten years, UMF student teachers have received Deborah’s support to become caring, confident, and competent educators.


  • 1988 MA Administration/Supervision, St. Mary’s College California;
  • 1978 BSC Education/Literature, University of Maine Farmington