Sheena Bunnell

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Title Professor of Business/Economics - Director/Researcher Maine Health Research Institute
Telephone 207.778.7440

Sheena Bunnell teaches courses in Business Economics with an emphasis on application in applied quantitative research, healthcare, consumer trends, and current economic events. Her classes are interactive and engage students in real world business applications that focus on international and domestic markets. Business goes beyond borders and understanding global interdependence is vital for future enterepreneurs and financiers whether they are working for their own small business or a Fortune 500 company . For example, in Consumer Behavior students learn the importance of business to consumer relations and engage in the understanding of the U.S. consumer as they navigate the $16 Trillion U.S. economy. She works collaboratively with students on healthcare research projects and supervises student internships. Her passion for teaching is like her passion for gardening where it is very fulfilling to watch a student grow and blossom.


  • 1995 PhD Florida State University
  • 1991 MS Florida State University
  • 1988 MBA Plymouth State College
  • 1985 BSc Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi