Kristie Backus, LCPC-C, Mental Health Counselor
Kristie is a recent graduate from the UMF Master of Arts Counseling Psychology program and graduated from UMF with a B.S. in Early Childhood Special Education. Over the years, Kristie
has worked with students of all ages and most recently worked with students at the Franklin
County Adult Education Program in Farmington. Currently, as a clinician at the UMF
Mental Health and Counseling Services Center, Kristie assists students in exploring personal or
relationship challenges, understanding and supporting one’s social identities, discovering
solutions to conflicts or issues, or working through traumatic events.
“Our first counseling session together will involve completing a basic information form, a
consent agreement, and a confidentiality statement. You will then meet with me to discuss the
purpose of your visit, your identified goals, and how we can work collaboratively to attain those
goals. I utilize a person-centered approach, believing that each person has the capacity and
desire for personal growth and change. I will modify my practice to best meet your needs.
Additionally, I may incorporate coping strategies and techniques to help with challenging
emotions, relationships, and traumatic events to support your goals. Finally, my approach includes a creative arts emphasis, and I am excited to offer creative arts as additional
support for students’ mental health wellness.”
Some students find that they attain their goals in a few visits, while others prefer an ongoing
relationship with a counselor, coming back from time to time as needed.