This UMF Early College Pathway encourages you to explore what the field of education is, where you might fit into it, and how it can be a force for positive change.

Additionally, this UMF Pathway allows you to take courses that will apply across a wide breadth of UMF Education majors, including Secondary Education and Elementary Education.

You’ll take each of the following courses

Note: There is no suggested sequence

  • EDU 177 Introduction to Education
    This course is designed to engage students in an exploration of three key questions: What is learning? What is teaching? And What is school? Students will learn how experiences of American schooling are shaped by historical and political trends, diversity in society and the classroom, and theories of knowledge and learning. Critical issues in education that will be covered include race; immigration; special education; gender and sexuality as well as theories of learning and teaching. Focusing on understanding themselves, understanding their students, and understanding the teaching profession, students study community and school settings and critically reflect on their values, experiences, and observations. Students will gain both philosophical and practical tools in transforming American schooling towards a model of partnership, equity and belonging.

You may bring a college writing course or statistics from another University of Maine or Maine Community College institution.

Please note: Not every course will be available online every semester.

What are some careers Education majors pursue?

  • K – 12 Classroom Teacher
  • K – 12 Special Education Teacher
  • School Administrator
  • Literacy or Math Specialist
  • School Guidance Counselor
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