Danielle Tekut (she/her), LMSW-CC, (207) 778-7034

Danielle began her undergraduate degree in 2008 and received a BA in dance from Smith College in 2015. She completed her Master of Clinical Social Work from the Smith College School for Social Work in 2019. Mid-pandemic, Danielle moved from Vermont- where she worked as a family, group, and individual therapist- to Downeast Maine.

Danielle will be offering services entirely remotely at UMF. She can support students in managing the stress of life adjustments, relationship challenges, anxiety and depressive symptoms, developing communication skills, processing grief and loss, and navigating systemic oppression and resulting trauma. She believes both the relationships with ourselves and with others are at the heart of all healing work, and utilizes CBT, DBT, and mindfulness skills to promote self-awareness, growth, and empowerment. Danielle is also a certified yoga teacher, currently in training to become a yoga therapist.

Upon meeting with Danielle for your first counseling session, you will complete a Basic Information Form, a consent agreement, and a confidentiality statement. We will then discuss what brings you to counseling, what your hopes and goals in our work together are, and how I can best support you and meet your needs in the process. Many students find they have resolved their issues, or developed the skills necessary to cope with specific stressors, in a few sessions. Others prefer to maintain an ongoing relationship with a counselor, returning periodically as needed.

Call 207-778-7034 or stop by the CSD during open hours to schedule an appointment. All students with billable insurance can have up to three visits per semester without a co-pay charge. After three visits, you will be charged the co-pay amount associated with your insurance plan. Students with insurance that we cannot bill or who fail to present a health insurance card will be charged $20 for every visit. Students who have not met their annual insurance deductible or if your insurance company denies a submitted claim, will be charged $20 for the office visit. Students never have to pay up-front for services; they may have any charges added to their student account.


Any dissatisfaction or complaints may be registered by contacting Christine Wilson, Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, or the State Board of Social Worker Licensure, 35 State House Station Augusta, (207) 624-8623.

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