All UMF Parking Lots require a current UMF issued Parking Pass or Decal / Placard

  • Prospective Students – The Admissions Department issues Dash Passes for their designated parking spots (Lot 7)
  • Testing Clients – Franklin Testing Services issues Dash Passes for their designated parking spots (Lot 17)
  • Other Guest parking passes are available from UMF Department of Public Safety / Campus Police
  • Passes must be hung from the rearview mirror, or placed on the vehicle dash with the decal number or date facing outward, clearly visible with no obstructions at all times.
  • Student, Staff, Faculty Parking Decal/placards can be obtained at the UMF Department of Public Safety / Campus Police Office or by submitting the online form.
  • Each decal / placard has a specific color indicating the appropriate place for parking. Parking in any lot not designated for use with the issued decal/placard constitutes a violation.
  • Always park between two white lines
  • Daily checks of parking lots by the on-duty Officer or Student Parking Enforcement Employees help to assure all individuals are abiding by the parking rules and regulations.

University of Maine at Farmington Campus Map (pdf)

Parking Policy

The University of Maine at Farmington Department of Public Safety/Campus Police must enforce the orderly flow of motor vehicle traffic. We try to maximize the use of parking facilities so it is necessary to establish and enforce policies governing motor vehicles operating and/or parking on campus. The laws governing motor vehicle traffic at UMF are set forth in the following policies. Please read them carefully. It is the responsibility of every student and employee to observe and adhere to the regulations.

All UMF Students, Faculty, and Staff are REQUIRED to display a current UMF issued decal while parking on campus. Guest/Visitor Spaces are NOT for UMF Students nor UMF Employees.

The University of Maine at Farmington Campus provides opportunities for healthy, safe walking experiences.  Allow yourself time to find an authorized parking spot and plan on walking a short distance.  Dress for the weather so that you may arrive at your destination comfortably in any of our endearing New England Seasons.

UMF parking lots are designated by signage at the entrance of each lot. Each Decal has a specific color indicating the appropriate place for parking.  Parking in any lot not designated for use with the issued decal constitutes a violation. Parking Decals have a yearly cost of $20 and can be purchased at the UMF Department of Public Safety/Campus Police Office Monday through Friday 8 am – 4 pm, or by submitting the online form. There is a replacement cost of $15. Applications can be found on our website or obtained at the office during business hours.  Decals must be hung from the rearview mirror with the decal number facing outward, clearly visible with no obstructions at all times.

Decal Colors / Designated Parking Lots

(Please watch for name tag signs designating reserved spaces)

Black:  First-Year Residents – P18, P21, P22, P26

Red:  Residents – P1, P3, P9, P18, P21, P22, P26

Yellow:  Commuters – P11, P12, P15, P18, P21, P22, P26, P33 — North Side Only (left side when you enter the parking lot)

Blue:  Faculty / Staff – ALL Lots (Except Guest & Visitor Spaces)

Purple:  Vendors – P11, P21, P22

Green:  Overnight Guests: P18, P21, P22, P26 – Free

Admissions Guests / Visitors:  P7 with Dash Pass issued by the Admissions Office

Fitness & Recreation Center (FRC):  P8, P12, P14* – Seasonal, no parking decal required for members

Testing Services Clients:  P17 with Dash Pass issued by Franklin Hall Testing Services Personnel

Day Guests / Visitors & Overnight Guests:

Please check in with the UMF Department of Public Safety / Campus Police to inquire about parking. Dash Passes are available by request to UMF departments for their guests’ needs, such as an invited speaker.  Overnight guests must register to get a free temporary parking permit allowing them to park in designated areas. Guests / Visitors are subject to the same rules and regulations as the UMF Community.  UMF Students will be held accountable for their guests’ actions, including unpaid parking fines.


If you need to leave your vehicle on campus while away for breaks/trips please contact our office to find an acceptable lot.  Lots will change from time to time due to the season or events.


Vehicles may not be parked at any time on any public way or parking area so as to hinder the plowing of snow or removal of snow. Warnings will not be issued for parking overnight in a “no overnight parking lot” and UMF Department of Public Safety / Campus Police or Facilities Management may tow any vehicle hindering snow removal. This service shall be supplied at the expense of the Owner / Operator of the vehicle. UMF is also not liable for any damage that might be caused by such removal.  UMF Department of Public Safety / Campus Police working with Facilities Management and Student Life will provide suitable notice throughout the campus community as to the times of the snow removal when residential lots need to be cleared. Your cooperation in the process of snow removal is vital to the campus community.

** Please do not rely on a call to warn you that your vehicle is at risk of being towed. A call is simply a courtesy not a  mandatory procedure.

** Lot 18 (Prescott Field) has the potential to flood. UMF Department of Public Safety / Campus Police is alerted by the Franklin County Emergency Management Agency when the Sandy River is expected to rise and will notify students immediately. Please sign up for the text alerts. Every effort will be made to contact vehicle operators of impending flood.  As a last resort your vehicle may be towed at the Owner/Operators expense.

Town of Farmington Public Street Ordinances:

The Farmington Police Department strictly enforces the Town Parking Ordinances. There is a Night Parking Ordinance and a Winter Parking Ordinance. To learn more about these or if you have any other questions or concerns please call 207-778-6311 or visit their website:


All parking tickets are $20, except parking in a Handicap space, which is $100.  Fines may be paid by mail or in person at the Public Safety Office during business hours with cash or checks made payable to UMF.  Parking tickets may be appealed within 5 business days of issuance by official form found on our website and available at the office.  Parking fines must be paid within 10 business days or Appealed by official form within 5 business days.  After 10 business days an additional $10 late fee is added to the fine total. Fines and fees not paid within 10 business days, are eligible to be posted to UMF student accounts, which may cause a hold on your student account.

Parking on University property is a privilege that can be revoked for excessive violations.

Students are accountable for their guests’ tickets.

All vehicles operated or parked within the confines of the University must be registered and inspected as required by the Title  29A of the Maine Revised Statutes.—Disabled, unregistered, and / or abandoned vehicles will be removed from the University at the OWNERS EXPENSE.

University Liability:

No liability is created by granting parking or vehicle operating privileges on property owned, leased or otherwise controlled by the University of Maine at Farmington. UMF assumes no responsibility for the care and/or protection of vehicles or their contents while operated or parked on University property.

UMF Alerts

Any campus emergencies, weather events, closings, parking lot closures, and other important information can be sent directly to you via email, phone call, or text message. Keep your contact information current with the University’s’ MaineStreet site. You can manage your contact preferences on the “My Campus” Launch Pad by clicking your Manage Emergency Icon.

UMF Escort Program

Call 207-778-7400 or 3-1-1 from any UMF Emergency Call Boxes, for an Escort to and from anywhere on campus during night time hours.

UMF Tobacco Free Policy

The UMF Campus is tobacco-free, inclusive of the athletic fields, and parking lots. This Policy restrictions covers all tobacco products, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, snuff, chewing tobacco, and non-FDA approved nicotine delivery devices such as e-cigarettes

Contact Us

Department of Public Safety / Campus Police
University of Maine at Farmington
149 Quebec Street
Farmington, Maine 04938
Tel  207-778-7400
Fax: 207-778-7032
TYY (via Maine Relay Service): Dial 711