Our anthropology program, Culture, Meaning & Society, provides you with exciting hands-on experiences including student-led research, that positively impact local, regional and state communities.

Culture, Meaning, and Society is a uniquely designed program that gives you the kind of global and comprehensive knowledge necessary for succeeding in our complex, interdependent, and increasingly trans-cultural world. The core of our program is anthropology, a discipline that examines the social, cultural, and biological diversity of humans across the globe and through time.

The Culture, Meaning, and Society program is meant to be a springboard for life after college. We aim to promote active citizenship by providing you with fieldwork and research experiences — locally, regionally and abroad, depending on your interest.

Foundation courses in anthropology are at the heart of our program, but so, too, is our commitment to giving you the freedom to personalize a significant part of your educational experience.

Working closely with your faculty advisors, you’ll develop a coherent, tailor-made course of study — one that complements your own individual educational and professional goals.

Culture, Meaning, and Society provides you with the knowledge and experience for a variety of possible career paths: social services, public health, government/public policy, education, archaeology and cultural resource management, museum studies, social justice advocacy, urban planning, non-profit organizing, and community/international development, and more. It will also prepare you for further academic study in anthropology or related disciplines.

This program qualifies for a tuition discount of nearly $5,000 for residents of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont through the New England Regional Student Program.