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Don’t see exactly what you want on our list of majors? Have a better idea or a major? One that suits YOU and YOUR individual interests? Yes, you can self-design your own major at the University of Maine at Farmington.

Maybe you have broad interests or want to pursue ideas that cross traditional academic disciplines. Maybe you want to create a very career-specific major — one that laser-focuses on one or several areas. The Self-Designed Major at UMF allows you to create your own degree program.

Your idea for a Self-Designed Major might combine two academic disciplines, it could have a thematic title, it may be something that has always piqued your interest. It truly is self-designed and tailor-made to your individual needs.

Some recent (and very cool) Self-Designed Majors

  • Healthcare Administration
  • Human Services
  • Language and Learning
  • Agricultural and Recreation Business Administration
  • Pre-Physical Therapy
  • Global Health Education
  • Outdoor Leadership and Stewardship
  • Poverty, Policy and Development
  • Geo-Science Journalism
  • Sociology and Communications
  • Language and Development in Children
  • Business and Sports Management
  • Environmental Interpretation
  • Art and Psychology
  • Applied Economics
  • Biology and Chemistry
  • Physics and Mathematics
  • Child Life
  • Love, Desire and the Human Condition
  • Inclusive Educational Policy: Leadership in the Creative Arts

You create the idea. We help you to fine-tune it and make it happen. Then you run with it.

You’ll work closely with an academic advisor to create a conceptual framework that will serve as the foundation of your study. And then you will design the curriculum — choosing specific UMF courses that will help you fulfill your academic goals.

Self-Designed Majors require careful advance planning and thought but the result is spectacular. You’ll have created an academic program that is truly individualized and unique.

Got questions? Ask a professor in this program

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