Rental Fees / Costs effective July 1, 2020

Nonprofit organizations may receive a 25% discount, which may be negotiable. Fees below are for use of space which includes regular table and chair set-ups. Special set-ups or additional resources provided for event will involve an additional charge.

North Dining Halls ( per section A, B and C), Landing 

and CR123

$80 per day
Conference Rooms                                       $50 per day
Classrooms                                       $35 per day
South Dining Hall                                     $375 per day

Auditoriums (cost based on size of room)

                      $100 to $300 per day


Technology rooms/Labs                                      $75 per day

Corridor in Student Center for purposes

of display and sale (if approved)

                    $25 per set-up

All other spaces

   Fee established on

an individual basis

Additional setup requests (ex, staging,)  public safety coverage, etc.                          Fee established on

an individual basis


Contact Us 

Office of Conferences and Events 

Ernestine Hutchinson 

Coordinator Of Conferences & Events 

University of Maine at Farmington 

111 South Street 

Farmington, Maine USA 04938 

tel 207-778-7344 

fax 207-778-8190

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