A Bachelor’s degree is an investment worth making

In addition to the sense of accomplishment and increased career flexibility that comes from finishing your degree, a study by Georgetown University discovered that, on average, bachelor’s degree holders earn 31% more than those with an Associate’s degree and 84% more than those with just a high school diploma. There are many options for scholarships and financial aid for adults that will help make finishing your degree accessible and affordable.

In addition, for Maine residents, completing your degree makes you eligible for the state’s Student Loan Repayment Plan.

Scholarships for UMF Degree Completion Students:

2-for-1 Tuition Waiver

This waiver covers tuition, but not fees, for one of your first two courses at UMF. These courses can be taken concurrently or sequentially but require continuous enrollment, so you cannot take a term off between them. The waiver is for students who have 

  • Been away from college for at least two semesters, and
  • Are 24 years or older, or
  • Are 21 and older, independent on the FAFSA, and
    • Employed full-time (35 hours per week, or more), or
    • Have dependents other than a spouse

You do not need to have demonstrated financial need, nor do you need to be a Maine resident, to qualify for this waiver.

The UMF Adult Success Scholarships

These scholarships provide up to $4,000 per year for Maine residents who

  • Have demonstrated financial need on the FAFSA, and
  • Were previously enrolled in a University of Maine school, and
  • Have not been enrolled at University of Maine for at least two semesters, and
  • Are 24 years or older, or
  • 21-23 years old, independent on FAFSA, and are
    • Employed full-time (35 hours per week, or more), or
    • Have dependents other than a spouse. 

To apply for the waiver and/or the success scholarship, please complete this application and the FAFSA.

Additional scholarship options are available from the

To get started,

  • Explore all of your options – We will help connect you with everything you have access to, whether it’s adult degree completion scholarships, military benefits, employer tuition assistance, or something else.
  • Complete the FAFSA – To see what scholarships, grants and/or loans are available, you first need to visit the FAFSA website and complete the FAFSA. In addition to the staff in UMF’s Merrill Center, the Maine Educational Opportunity Center can assist you with this process!
  • Work with a Financial Aid Counselor- It can feel a little overwhelming at times when you’re researching the many financial aid programs, eligibility requirements, and deadlines.The financial aid counselor, along with an academic advisor, will help you understand what credits you have already, how your program is priced, and how much it will ultimately cost you. They’ll also help you understand which tuition assistance programs you may qualify for and walk you through any financial aid package to see what the final costs would look like.

See also how you can reduce your time and cost to degree through credit for your prior personal and professional learning.