The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed by students who wish to apply for Federal, State, and University need-based aid, and is the only application you need to complete to be considered for need-based aid at the University of Maine at Farmington. You must file a FAFSA every academic year to be considered for need-based financial aid.

This form is available in the UMF Financial Aid Office, most public libraries, and high schools. You can also fill out the FAFSA on the internet by visiting FAFSA On The Web.

UMF has a March 1 priority deadline for the FAFSA. This means that the completed FAFSA must be received at the Federal Processor by March 1. This is not a postmark date.

Filing the FAFSA

Filing the Free Application for Financial Aid (FAFSA) is the first and most important step in the financial aid process. Every student applying to UMF should file the FAFSA.

Here, Associate Director of Financial Aid Joe Toner breaks down the steps in applying.


The FSA ID is the user name and password students will use to access all Federal Student Aid websites, including, which is where you go to file your FAFSA. It takes about 10 minutes to create an account and set up an FSA ID.

We strongly recommend getting FSA ID’s ahead of time. For dependent students, at least one parent will also need to create an account and set up an FSA ID to sign the FAFSA electronically. To create and set up an FSA ID, go to and click on “Create Account.”

Keep track of your FSA ID information by writing down your user name and password and answers to your security questions, and keep it in a safe place. You will need this FSA ID going forward.

To complete the FAFSA and ensure that UMF receives the information, you will need to enter UMF’s information in Section 6.

Be sure to include our Federal School Code:  002040

IRS Data Retrieval

IRS Data Retrieval allows you to obtain your income information directly from the IRS for the specific year being requested. This helps to ensure the income information submitted is accurate. If eligible, you will have a link to use the IRS Data Retrieval while completing your FAFSA.

After you submit a FAFSA, you can view your Student Aid Report (SAR) on Check this document carefully to see if there are any errors or corrections necessary. For instance, if you provided estimated income figures, you would need to update the FAFSA with actual data from your tax returns.

If you indicated that UMF is to receive your FAFSA information by filling in our Federal School Code (002040) on the FAFSA, we will receive the information from the Federal Processor electronically in the form of an Individual Student Information Record (ISIR). If all of the information is correct, and the student has not been selected for verification, a financial aid notification, based upon the information received, will be processed and sent to the student as determined by the awarding schedule set up by the Financial Aid Office.

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