Where Can I Study?

Direct Exchange Programs

UMF has exchange agreements with several foreign universities. When participating in a Direct Exchange program, UMF students pay tuition and fees at UMF and living expenses to the host university abroad. Some of our direct exchange programs are at universities where the medium of instruction is English……meaning you do not need proficiency in the host country’s foreign language to study!


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Partner University

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Le Mans Université


Akita International University


Universidad de Alicante

George J. Mitchell Peace Scholarship to Ireland

This scholarship was established in honor of Senator Mitchell’s role in brokering the Peace Accord in Northern Ireland. UMF students can apply to study at University College Cork in Ireland.


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University College Cork

Provider Programs

Should one of our direct exchange programs not meet your academic, financial, or calendar needs, UMF also offers the opportunity to participate in exciting semester-long, study/intern abroad opportunities in a wide range of countries through affiliations with study abroad program providers. Many providers offer programs in foreign speaking countries, where the medium of instruction is English……meaning you do not need proficiency in the host country’s foreign language to study!

Approved Providers

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Academic Programs International (API)

American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS)

Center for International Studies (CIS)

University of Nicosia Global Semesters 

School for International Training (SIT Study Abroad)

University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC)

Study Abroad FAQs

Study Abroad Eligibility

  • Enrolled/Matriculated at UMF, full time, in the semester prior to and throughout your exchange.
  • Have completed a minimum of one semester of full-time (min. 12 credits) study in residence at UMF by the application deadline. AP and transfer credits are not considered.
  • Sophomore standing or above at the time of exchange, a minimum of 24 credits earned.
  • Have a 2.5 minimum cumulative UMF GPA. Some programs have higher GPA minimums, be sure to review these requirements.
  • Good disciplinary and academic standing. No Incomplete grades at time of application or during program.
  • Meet foreign language proficiency requirements, if needed.

How to Get Started…

Request an Appointment
  • Learn about the various study away options
  • Receive information on programs and locations that interest you
  • Learn how to choose a program that best meets your need
  • Learn about UMF’s study away approval process, step-by-step

Early planning is the key. Begin the process well in advance, working with your UMF academic advisor and the Office of Global Education, to determine the best time for you to study away.

How to Apply

Once you have decided on a program location and term, you can begin UMF Study Abroad application process, which is almost completely online, with the exception of a few select forms.

IMPORTANT: Do not begin any online provider application until AFTER you have been notified of your acceptance to the UMF Study Abroad program.

The following documents will need to be prepared in advance, saved in the appropriate file format and submitted via the online application.

  • Essay – please explain the connection between your studies abroad and your academic major, including why you have selected this specific program, what linguistic and/or cultural components affected your decision, and how you expect the program will add to your education, personal growth and future career plans. Your uploaded document must include your name on the first page and be no more than two pages in length. (pdf)
  • Unofficial Transcript – download student copy from your Mainestreet Student Services Center. (pdf)
  • Copy of valid passport (information page) or copy of receipt from submitted passport application. (pdf)
  • Study Away Budget Estimate-Financial Resources Form  – Download Excel file here. Once you have completed the budget estimate information, save the form again and email it to leustis@maine.edu. Your form will be reviewed, updated with any necessary changes, signed by the study abroad advisor and emailed back to you. You will then use that version to discuss with a Financial Aid Officer and complete the financial resources section and obtain a signature from FAO. (Excel)
  • Study Away Form – go to MyCampus, UMF Tools, Forms and Documents. Under “Documents and Media” type Study Away Form in the search bar and download the form. (pdf)

The following are additional submissions/processes required to complete your application.

  • UMF Study/Intern/Teach Away Conduct Review Form – Submit this Google form
  • UMF Study/Intern Abroad/Away Faculty Reference Form – Provide this form link to your faculty of choice for an academic reference: https://forms.gle/Thk3R99beGmTbZ946

Application Deadlines

UMF Study/Intern Abroad has a rolling admissions policy. Students are strongly encouraged to apply as early as possible as some programs, particularly direct exchange programs, fill prior to the deadlines. Students must receive UMF Study/Intern Abroad Approval prior to applying online to Provider programs:

> February 20: Summer, Fall and Academic Year Programs

> October 1: Spring Programs


  • The above UMF deadlines supersede any program provider/host school application deadlines. In addition, if your provider/host school nomination and/or application deadline is before or the same as the UMF deadline, you will need to submit your UMF application two weeks before the provider/host school earliest deadline.
  • After submission of UMF Study Abroad application materials and receipt of UMF approval, further application submissions are required for host schools and provider programs.
Apply Now Request application password from Office of Global Education

Pre-Departure Process

Visit the Study/Intern/Teach Abroad/Away Pre-Departure Page for important information and required processes. Deadlines for submissions are noted on the page.

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