Paying Your Bill

The University of Maine at Farmington’s Billing Process begins when you register for your courses and /or when you are assigned a room and meal plan on campus.

Depending on the extent of your charges, you may find it easiest to pay your entire UMF bill before arriving at UMF in August/January. There are several options for doing this and you can learn more about each option by visiting the Student Accounts website. International students, who wish to pay their account in full before arrival, may contact the Office of Global Education for assistance in determining their account balance.

If you would prefer to pay your account in full after arriving at UMF you may still do so via wire transfer, but you must make the arrangements very quickly in order to have your account settled on time.

Another option is to set up a Payment Plan to pay your account balance over several months.
You may make arrangements with the Student Accounts Office to divide your total bill into several installments. For the fall semester, please plan to pay the first installment upon arrival in August. The subsequent installments would be due on the 15th of September, October, November, and December. Spring semester’s first installment is due upon arrival in January. The subsequent installments would be due on the 15th of February, March, April, and May.

The Student Accounts Office accepts wire transfers, cash, and bank checks. Credit card transactions are not accepted in person at our Student Accounts Office. Students choosing to pay by credit card must do so online through their UMF student account and will incur a transaction fee.

For information on viewing and paying your account balance, click here.