Borrowing policies at Mantor Library are designed to ensure fair and equitable access to our collections. Our physical collections and electronic resources exist to serve primarily the students, faculty, and staff of the University of Maine at Farmington. We also provide free community guest borrowing by providing free library cards, access to interlibrary loan services, and access to technology and electronic resources within the library.

Frequently-used borrowing links:
Library Search (Mantor Library’s catalog; shared with other UMS Libraries)
MaineCat (Maine’s statewide interlibrary loan catalog)
ILLiad (For interlibrary loan requests for articles and physical items unavailable via Library Search or MaineCat)

Borrowing Information

General borrowing principles:

  • UMF Student borrowers & Community guest borrowers: Books and DVDs 1 month loan (renewal possible)
  • UMF Faculty & Staff borrowers: Books 16 week loan (renewal possible)
  • IT equipment (reserved for current UMF students, faculty, staff) = 5 days (no renewal, $5 per day late fee), 2 day waiting period between borrowing the same item
  • Reference books, paper magazines, journals, & newspapers are in-library use

Reserves (course materials) for classes taught at UMF:

  • 2 hour (overnight use allowed, no renewal), for current UMF students, faculty, staff
  • 4 hour (library use only, no renewal), for current UMF students, faculty, staff
  • 1 week (no renewal), for current UMF students, faculty, staff

Interlibrary loan:
Interlibrary loan borrowing policies vary according to consortial agreements (URSUS and MaineCat), collection type, and item type. Interlibrary loan for items outside of Maine and interlibrary loan for articles is available through ILLiad. Mantor Library honors library cards with accounts in good standing from all UMS and MaineCat library patrons, and also participates in Maine State Library’s Reciprocal Borrowing Program Pilot

Members of the community who are 12 years old and older may request a free community library card, which will allow them to borrow materials from the regular collection at Mantor Library, and to request materials through the Library Search and MaineCat interlibrary loan systems.

All applications for community library cards must be accompanied by a photo ID. Photo IDs may be waived for applicants between the ages of 12 and 17 provided the parent or guardian presents their own photo ID.

All applicants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal adult guardian. Parents should be aware that borrowers are financially responsible for lost and or damaged library materials. In the case of minors, this responsibility falls to the parents. In addition, parents should be aware that privacy regulations prohibit the disclosure of the minor’s borrowing history (even to his/her parents) without a signed consent form or a court order.

Existing community library card patrons who need to replace their cards because of loss or damage must verify contact information in their library record. New cards will not be issued to community library card patrons who owe fines or replacement charges until these have been paid.

Community library cards expire one year from initial issue, and may be renewed annually. Annual renewal is required to confirm contact information is current.

Community library cards do not provide off-campus access to online electronic resources such as eBooks and databases.

Our library system provides several reminders to help patrons return items in a timely fashion:

  • Automatic, daily courtesy reminders are emailed to patrons before items become overdue
  • Overdue reminders are emailed the day an item becomes overdue
  • Generally*, 2 weeks after an item becomes overdue a replacement bill is generated and emailed (or mailed if no email exists) *Some items may be billed earlier than 2 weeks after the first overdue date, e.g., Equipment

Replacement costs are waived when items are returned to the library in good/working condition Replacement costs may remain for damaged or broken items

Late fees for IT equipment accrue at the rate of $5 per day and are not waived upon return

Borrowing privileges are blocked when fees amount to $40 or more

Cash (paper money, only) is accepted at the front desk to add to UMF Bucks printing & copying accounts. A UMF ID card or Community Copy Card is required. Students may also add funds to UMF Bucks online via the MyCampus LaunchPad link to eAccounts.

There is currently no public faxing available at Mantor Library but both the nearby UMF University Store and County Seat Realty offer faxing to the public.

Logging in: Community members must sign up for a UMF community computer account to use community access computers in the building. A photo ID is required to create a community account. Children 12-17 years old may use community access computers only if accompanied and directly supervised by a parent/adult guardian at all times. Photo IDs may be waived for applicants between the ages of 12 and 17 provided the parent or guardian presents their own photo ID.

Available computers: We have PCs available for community members to use. Please inquire at the front desk for location and availability.

Using the computer: Our machines have no external speakers: you will need to bring or borrow headphones to listen to sound.

All library patrons are expected to follow our policies, but you may particularly want to review our Technology Use policy. As noted, priority is given to academic uses.

Scanning (to email or USB storage device): Scanning to email or USB storage device (saving documents as pdf or image files) is always free for UMF and community patrons alike. Library or IT staff can assist.

Wireless access: Guest wifi access is available for laptops and other mobile devices. The network name for guests is MaineEDU-Guest

The precise process for connecting will depend on your device, but after you select the MaineEDU-Guest network, you will be prompted to enter your email address. Once complete, you should be connected.

Questions: Please let us know if a computer does not work or does not perform as expected: sometimes we can fix something for you right away, but we’d like to make it work better for everyone.

For Community Members, we can provide only limited help with personal technology questions (such as using software), but can provide more support for tasks specific to our set-up such as printing. The Farmington Public Library may offer additional computer and technology assistance and there are regular Adult Education programs available as well.

Other Policies

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