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Thank you for your interest in being a mentor to our students from the University of Maine at Farmington.  We truly
appreciate your willingness to serve as a mentor and to take the time to go through these resources. Our students
are afforded excellent opportunities to learn and grow as beginning professionals under the guidance of outstanding
and experienced mentors like you.  UMF has repeatedly been recognized for excellence in education, and a crucial
aspect of our program is the mentoring that takes place throughout a student’s tenure at UMF. Our partnership with
districts throughout Maine is important to us.  Your involvement is very much appreciated and we certainly hope that
you will find working with your teacher candidate both personally and professionally rewarding.
The Field Supervision Program at the University of Maine at Farmington (UMF) has a dynamic vision of education for
the 21st century. This vision is based on the ideal of creating schools that are dedicated to maximizing each student’s
potential by personalizing learning experiences for all students. Preparing new teachers for this work and for the
actualization of the vision presents many challenges.  Engaging teacher candidates in early and ongoing field
experiences throughout their programs supports their understanding of this complex work so that they are able
to meet the challenges of the teaching profession. 
Below you will find a variety of resources that we feel will offer support and help answer any questions you may have.  Please feel free to contact our office at any time.  Director of Field Services:  Hiram Sibley  778-7171 (You will need  Adobe Acrobat Reader  to access our online forms.)

Mission Statement for Teacher Education


Mentor Teacher Qualifications
Mentor Qualities, Responsibilities & Actions
Strategies for Effective Mentoring

The Standards

Common Core Teaching Standards (Maine 2012)
ISTE Standards for Educators – updated 2017
ISTE Standards for Students – updated 2016
UMF Teacher Candidate Diversity Expectations
Model Code of Ethics for Educators

Lesson Planning

Lesson Plan Template
Lesson Plan Explained
UMF Unit-Wide Lesson Plan Rubric
Lesson Plan Supporting Materials 1
Lesson Plan Supporting Materials 2


Assistive Technology Collection – Spenciner Curriculum Materials Center – link forthcoming

Student Teaching


Collaborative Model for Student Teaching – Overview & Model
Placement of Student Teachers Process
AY 20-21 Student Teaching Handbook


Assessment and Evaluation
Letter to Mentors Regarding TK20
Tk20 Guide for Mentor Teachers

Two Week Progress Report
Goal Setting Format
Conversation Guide
Teacher Candidate Dispositions and Professional Expectations: In Field Setting
Essential Areas of Teaching
Letter of Reference Instructions for Mentor Teachers
Standards Portfolio Evaluation/CCTS Rationale Rubric


Classroom Management Observation Checklist

Practicum/Advanced Practicum


Teacher Candidate Dispositions and Professional Expectations: In Field Setting
Informal Observation
Formal Observation
Practicum Mentor Final Assessment
Advanced Practicum Essential Areas of Teaching