In keeping with its educational mission, University of Maine at Farmington expects each student to exercise responsibility and timeliness in fulfilling one’s financial obligations to the University.  Each student has an individual student account record maintained in the student’s name by the Student Accounts Office.  UMF currently mails billing statements to students at least once per semester.  Students are expected to view their account information through MaineStreet, a secure, on-line system located at where transactions on Student Self Service > Classic Student Center can be accessed in detail by semester.

Academic Year Payment Plans

Payment plans cover one semester’s charges at a time.  Payment plans do not carry over from Fall to Spring or Spring to Summer and instructions on how to enroll online each semester is mailed with the billing statement.  Account statement information may be viewed on MaineStreet under Student Self Service > Classic Student Center.  We recommend keeping the payment schedule dates below in a prominent, accessible place to help you adhere to the published payment deadlines.  You will not receive a monthly billing statement.

These plans allow you to pay the balance due in five monthly installments for Fall and Spring and three monthly installments for Summer.

Five (5) Payment Plan – Fall 2023 Five (5) Payment Plan – Spring 2024 Three (3) Payment Plan – Summer 2024
Pay 1: by August 15th Pay 1: by January 15th Pay 1: by May 15th
Pay 2: by September 15th Pay 2: by February 15th Pay 2: by June 15th
Pay 3: by October 15th Pay 3: by March 15th Pay 3: by July 15th
Pay 4: by November 15th Pay 4: by April 15th
Pay 5: by December 15th Pay 5: by May 15th

To determine the amount of your first payment, divide the balance due by the amount of payments in your plan and then add the enrollment fee of $30.00 to your first payment.  If your charges change after your enrollment, your monthly payments will be adjusted accordingly.

Pay Your Bill Online or Authorize Other Users to View and Pay Bill Online

Students may pay their bill online, or they can authorize others to view and pay their bill online.  To do this the student needs to log on to Mainestreet.  The student will click on Student-Self Service >  Classic Student Center. On the Student Center page, the student will click on the Pay My Bill under the Finances section on MaineStreet.  The student will then click on View Bill/Payment Options > Access Touchnet Bill + Payment (be sure popup blocker is turned off).  Once in Touchnet, you would follow the steps to pay the bill.  The student can also authorize other users to pay online by will clicking on the Authorized Users tab (top of the screen)  >  Add Authorized User.  The student will then enter the email address of the person they want to authorize to view and/or pay on their account.  The new person authorized will then receive an email with the link to Touchnet and their password.

Credit/Debit Card Authorization

The University of Maine at Farmington contracts with an outside vendor to enhance our student account processes for students and parents.   Payment by Credit Card will only be available online under MaineStreet, under Student Self Service > Student Center.  Accepted credit cards are VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  Credit/Debit card processing will be charged a 2.95% convenience fee (minimum $3.00 charge) by our processing vendor.  The Staff at the Merrill Center does not have access to make credit/debit card transactions.

Other Ways to Pay
  • Cash – Pay in person at the UMF Merrill Center, 224 Main Street, Farmington
  • Check – Make checks payable to the University of Maine at Farmington and deliver to UMF Merrill Center, 224 Main Street, Farmington, ME 04938. Please include student id number and student name with payment.
  • Bank ACH and Wire Transfers for US Currency – If you are unable to make payment through MaineStreet, you may authorize a banking institution to transfer US funds to the University of Maine at Farmington via ACH or wire. Please contact the Merrill Center at 207-778-7100 for ACH or wire transfer instructions.
International Payments

The University of Maine at Farmington has two options for international payments. These services provide students and their families a cost-effective, convenient method for making payments to the University of Maine at Farmington in foreign currencies.

TransferMate Global Payments:

Benefits of paying with TransferMate:

  • Faster payment processed within 24 to 48 hours
  • Allows you to pay in your local currency to a local bank account
  • Great exchange rates and zero banking charges
  • 24-hour customer service from TransferMate
  • 24-hour online tracking of payments

How do I make a payment with TransferMate?

  1. Click Pay My Bill in the Student Center. Once in TouchNet, the University’s online payment gateway, click the TransferMate payment link.
  2. Choose the country you are paying from and your preferred payment method
  3. Register your one-time set up account by providing your details
  4. Make your payment with the provided instructions
  5. Track your payment through the process

TransferMate Notes:

·         Additional $20 charge for domestic USD to USD transfers

·         No fees for international transfers


Flywire allows you to:

  • Pay from any country and any bank
  • Save money on bank fees and ensure your payment is received in full
  • Obtain excellent foreign exchange rates with a best rate guarantee
  • Get piece of mind with multilingual customer support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Track your payments from start to finish

Flywire Notes:

Minimum payment is $50
Under Section 4. Info for the receiver, select the University of Maine at Farmington
Student ID number is required
For questions about paying with Flywire, email

Pay Now With Flywire:

Former Students: Debit/Credit Card Online Payment

If you are a former student and no longer have access to your MaineStreet portal, please contact the Merrill Center to request being added as an authorized user to your student account. This will give you access to the TouchNet Payment Gateway to make an online payment towards your student account. Accepted credit cards are VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Credit/Debit card processing will be charged a 2.95% convenience fee (minimum $3.00 charge) by our processing vendor.  The Staff at the Merrill Center does not have access to make credit/debit card transactions.

Important Notes

Past due payments are subject to a $50.00 late penalty fee that will be assessed monthly; up to a total of $200.00 on accounts not paid to current status. Card users are reminded to be mindful of any dollar limitations in amounts that can be debited or charged.  Checks returned for insufficient funds will be considered a late payment and be subject to the $50.00 late fee, and a $25.00 returned check fee.  Loss or failure to receive your statement does not relieve your obligation to pay on time.  Statements are sent to the Billing Address on file in MaineStreet or to a student’s permanent Mailing Address if a separate billing address is not on file.

Consequences of Non-payment:

If your account becomes severely past due, the University may ultimately forward your account to a collection agency.  In addition, it could submit your name for tax refund garnishment from the State of Maine, prohibit enrollment at any campus of the University of Maine System, withhold transcripts, and take other actions to pursue payment. If you experience any trouble meeting your payment obligations, we strongly encourage you to contact us.

Contact Us

If you have questions, please contact us. We look forward to helping you.

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