For more information, please contact the Honors Director John Messier


How can I tell if my advisee is in the Honors Program?

In MaineStreet, Honors are coded under Student Services General Tab (Student Group subheading). You may email Lisa Gallant, admin specialist at for student status.

How do I nominate a student?

If you feel a student would be a good fit for the Honors Program, please email the student’s name and a brief summary of 250 words or less to

What is HON 305 Honors Enhancement?

Honors Enhancement was developed to increase flexibility for students in the Honors Program. It allows students, in consultation with a faculty member, to have a non-Honors course fill an Honors requirement.

In consultation with the faculty member teaching the course to be enhanced, students develop a mutually agreed upon project that goes beyond the course requirements. This might be an additional course component or an extension of an existing course requirement.

Students register for the course, and staff register the students for HON 305, a zero credit course that tracks the enhancement. Upon completion of the course, the faculty member grades the course in the traditional manner. If the enhancement has been successfully completed, the faculty member would enter a grade of P in HON 305. Otherwise, enter a grade of F. This will have no impact on students’ GPA as it is a zero credit course.

Are there guidelines for Honors Enhancement?

Yes, please click here for guidelines and request form Enhancement and Experience Credit. You may view Honors Enhancement past proposal examples .

What are the student requirements?

Currently, the requirements are few, an AGPA of 3.3 or higher and earning Honors credit within the first two semesters of their admittance. Click here for Requirements.

What happens if a student’s AGPA drops below 3.3?

Incoming students do have a 1 semester grace period to raise their AGPA. If by the end of the first two semesters, the AGPA is still below 3.3, then the student is removed from the program. Upper class students are removed once the AGPA falls below 3.3; however, students may request an appeal with the director. Click here for Requirements.

​​​Can anyone register for an Honors class?

Yes. Non-Honors may request permission from the instructor. Should there be available seats, staff will register the students.

Are all faculty members welcome to teach Honors courses?

Yes! Honors courses include all disciplines. The director works with the department chairs to identify efficiencies for schedule building. On occasion, Honors does provide funding for PATFA/OL. For more information, please contact the Honors Director at

Are all classes located in Honors House?

Most courses are held here at Honors, but each faculty member may choose their preferred location.

Is there a financial allowance for course project costs?

The director may and often does approve appropriate costs. Please consult with the director should your course require additional course expenses such as materials or field trips.

How do I apply for Honors Council?

Members serve a staggered three-year term. The director will send out an email request in May to targeted individuals whom he believes may have an interest in serving; however, all faculty are encouraged to submit a statement of interest. For more information, please contact the Honors Director at

How is the position of Honors Director selected?

The Honors Director also serves a three-year term, which is determined by a full faculty vote. The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs will request statements of interest to be sent to the Associate Provost. The Director receives a 1-course reassignment in the fall and a 2-course reassignment in the spring from their home department.  For more information, please contact the Honors Director at



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