Mission: Gathering engaged faculty and academically motivated, curious students from across campus, the UMF Honors Program creates a holistic learning community where small, rigorous classes enable students to experience close working relationships with faculty, cultivating the next generation of citizen-scholars from today’s exceptional students.

Vision: The Honors Program will be recognized as a leader in preparing the next generation of solution- oriented, critical, and creative thinkers with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and commitment to have a positive impact on the world around them.

Philosophy and Core Values: The Honors Program is committed to providing a quality, rigorous interdisciplinary undergraduate education that helps students develop their ability to think critically and to communicate well in a variety of contexts. Honors creates a collaborative learning community that emphasizes active learning, intellectual exploration, and civic engagement to provide motivated, high-achieving students a holistic educational experience.

The Program bases our academic and extracurricular activities around Six Program Goals: Thinking, Scholarly Inquiry, Writing, Speaking, Perspective, and Civic Engagement. Honors contributes to the Public Good by preparing undergraduate students to become conscientious and productive members of their communities, to engage in lifelong learning, to enhance their sensitivity to cultural diversity, to behave ethically, and take responsibility for their actions. Furthermore, Honors is also committed to the creation of new knowledge through a sustained program of basic and applied undergraduate research.

Thinking: Student demonstrates an ability to think critically and creatively.

Scholarly Inquiry: Student shows a growing understanding of how scholarship is conducted and knowledge created.

Writing: Student writes effectively in a variety of contexts.

Perspective: Student demonstrates a growing understanding of individual, cultural, disciplinary, and artistic perspectives.

Civic Engagement: Student demonstrates a sense of efficacy as a citizen.

Speaking: Student communicates effectively with individuals and groups.

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