Here are some common questions. If you have a question not listed, contact us!

How are students selected to be in the Honors Program?

The Admission Office offers admittance into the Honors Program to qualified incoming students. Faculty may also nominate outstanding students, or students may self-nominate. UMF students may click here to apply.

Can I apply for the program after my freshman year?

In order to have the best opportunity and flexibility to complete the Honors Program, as well as to experience its other academic and social benefits, it is most advantageous to join at the beginning of the freshman year. Joining the program after the freshman year limits the ability to complete it. Therefore, these exceptions may or may not be approved.

How do I know if I am even in the Honors Program?

Providing you received confirmation from Admission Office that you are accepted in the Program, you will see Honors Program listed in your Student Group window in MaineStreet. You will also receive monthly communications from the Honors listserv. If you are unsure, please contact us.

​What are the requirements to be in the Honors Program?

To be in the Honors Program, you must maintain a 3.3 AGPA, earn Honors credit within your first two semesters after being accepted into the program, and attend & participate in events. Currently, there is no requirement to take additional courses afterward, but that may change in the future. Also, Honors volunteer 10 hours each semester at their chosen location.   Honors recognition levels: upon completing at least 12 HON credits, you will have Honors designation on your transcripts. This is an accomplishment to be proud of, and what a great addition to your resume, employers do take notice! Please see the full description for Honors Levels.

​What are the benefits to being in the program? There are many!

Small classroom size: courses have an enrollment cap of 12 students to allow greater access to faculty and opportunities to participate in class.

​Priority registration: which means you have a greater chance of getting at least a couple of your desired courses. Honors students have a window of time that they alone are able to register for classes ahead of the rest of the campus body.

Free printing: yes, you read it correctly! Honors House has two computer stations that you may use to work at and to print from. The printing is unlimited, but in order to continue with this benefit, we do ask that it be course work related.

​Access to the Honors House: in addition to having courses at Honors, you can enjoy the backyard. There are apple trees, picnic tables for you to study at or just enjoy some sunshine. Kitchen cupboards are filled with snacks monthly through the fall and spring semesters. Honors House is located next the fitness center and dorms.

​Events: Honors hosts  a fall welcome gathering for incoming students, holiday gatherings, Honors House evening events, and the Honors reception in April.

​Cohesiveness: being a part of something can make all the difference when experiencing something new such as leaving home and living on campus. Shared experiences such as courses and events help build a community and cohort that brings comfort during times of stress and joy!​

​How do Honors courses differ from “regular” courses?

Honors courses encourage more critical thinking and active participation in classroom discussion, including expressing thoughts and opinions. Honors courses require good reading skills and may require more writing than regular classes. Honors students generally report finding these seminar style classes more rewarding and thought provoking.

​​What are Honors Enhancement and Honors Experience Credits?

Enhancement credit is earned by taking any UMF course and enhancing it to meet Honors criteria. Experience credit is earned through experience such as travel. Please visit the Curriculum tab to learn more.

​May I apply a study abroad or travel course toward Honors Experience credit?

Yes, each student may apply 4 credits toward Honors recognition levels. Please complete the Honors Experience Request Form.

​Does being an Honors student mean I must take additional courses?

No. You can earn 12 credits through Honors courses, experience such as travel, independent study/research and internships. Enhancement allows you to enhance any UMF course to meet HON criteria.

How can I graduate with Honors with my busy schedule?

Earning 12 credits gets Honors on your transcripts. This is the first level of the three available Honors recognition levels.

​Is there an Honors dorm?

No, Honors students are in various dorms, most of which are in close proximity to Honors House.

Can I use the Honors House whenever I want?

Honors House is open daily 7am-12 midnight during the fall and spring semesters. Since most courses take place in the living room, we do ask that you schedule a time should you want to hold meetings. Otherwise, the study room and workstations are available anytime.

​Can I cook in the Honors House kitchen?

Yes! Please check the kitchen bulletin for course schedule, and let us know in advance to determine what other functions may be happening.

​What if I change my mind and no longer want to be in the program?

Just email, call or stop in to let us know, and you will be removed from the program.

​Does it cost anything to be in the Honors Program?

No. The only costs you may incur is if you sign up for an event that may involve travel or an unusual circumstance.

​Does being an Honors graduate appear on my transcripts?

Yes, once you earn a minimum of twelve credits, you will graduate with Honors on your transcripts.

​Will graduating with Honors help me in my job search and career?

Yes. Honors is a prestigious recognition, and potential employers understand that graduating with Honors requires dedication, motivation, and critical thinking, all of which any employer will find desirable.

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