Twenty-Third Annual University of Maine Farmington Symposium

April 21, 2021


Daytime classes are canceled so that students will be free to present at and attend Symposium. Wilson scholars, individual presenters, and groups of students from courses will present their work to the campus and the public by either sharing a pre-recorded video or audio or a digital poster. Presentations will be stored on Mantor Library’s Scholar Works, and students will convene on Zoom to text chat with audiences about their work.


The full 2021 Symposium Schedule includes abstracts, links to Zoom sessions, and pre-registration links for Arts Night, the Trustee performance by Kristen Case and Steve Pane, and a number of Farmington area historical, geological, and archaeological tours. We have also prepared handy guides to help you plan your week:



Symposium presentations may be viewed on Scholar Works.