Michael D. Wilson Research Fellows and Scholars

The Michael D. Wilson Scholars and Fellows represent some of UMF’s best students from across all disciplines. The program recognizes UMF students’ tremendous creativity and expands UMF’s commitment to undergraduate research and faculty mentoring. Each student is awarded funding to help underwrite an original undergraduate research or creative project. The Program has been providing single-semester support for research, scholarship, and creative projects at UMF since the fall of 2006. It was expanded in the fall of 2007 to include full-year Wilson Research Fellow awards to support even more substantive research projects. In the years since its inception, the Wilson program has supported the investigative research and creative activities of more than 250 students at UMF. During this time UMF faculty members have developed strong mentoring relationships with individual scholars, providing guidance with proposal development, research methodology, and continuing pre-professional and post-graduate opportunities. The awards honor UMF alumnus, Michael D. Wilson, class of 1976, an avid environmentalist, aspiring teacher, and dear friend whose untimely death in 1977 deeply saddened the UMF community. The students are nominated by a UMF faculty mentor and, after a competitive selection process, are chosen by the UMF Undergraduate Research Council.

Wilson Scholars 2022-23 (faculty advisors)

Autumn Koors Foltz  (Stephen Grandchamp)

Emily Moore (Aaron Wyanski)

Heather Janson (Lori Koban)

Isabelle King (Ann Bartges, Kristin Case)

Jaycie Stevens (Katie Callahan)

Kelly Gentilo (Aaron Wyanski)

Will Robert (Doug Reusch)

Ashley Ward  (Stephen Grandchamp)

Caroline Granata and Jacqueline Hamilton  (Kathryn Will)

Ethan Rodrigue (Lori Koban)

Emma Wallace  (Dawn Nye)

Gabriel Glidden  (Karol Maybury)

Gavyn Moreshead  (Dawn Nye)

Joceyln Royalty (Lewis Robinson)

Wilson scholar presentations will be Lincoln Auditorium in the Roberts Learning Center from 9:00 to 11:50.  The exceptions are Emily Moore (performs on Arts Night, Tuesday April 18 at 7:00), and Emma Wallace and Gavyn Moreshead (presenting at 2:00 with the senior Visual Arts exhibitions).