Graduate Record Exam General Test

Most graduate school programs, especially master’s degree programs, require submission of GRE General Test scores as part of the application process. The GRE General Test comprises Verbal and Quantitative (mathematics) multiple-choice questions and a two-part written section referred to as Analytical Reasoning. The range of scores for the Verbal and Quantitative sections 200 to 800 points in 10-point increments. The written Analytical Reasoning section responses are scored from 0 to 6 and then averaged for a single score. Within the United States, the GRE General Test is offered only as a computer-based exam. Your unofficial scores for the multiple-choice Verbal and Quantitative sections of the test may be seen at the end of the test on the computer monitor at the test center of your choosing (see drop-down menu on the ETS webpage for test sites nationwide). The written responses to the Analytical Reasoning essay questions are sent to GRE headquarters for evaluation. Official score reports for all three sections are mailed to you (and up to two universities you designate on the day of testing) in approximately 10 to 15 days. (See “Graduate School Code List” in the drop-down menu for numerical codes for all graduate schools where you would like your scores sent on the ETS website.) Additional score reports may be obtained for a fee. (See “Additional Score Report Form” in the drop-down menu on the ETS website.) You may retake the GRE General Test in hopes of improving your score; however, score reports are cumulative, meaning the graduate program to which you are applying will see the history of your performance with the exam. GRE General Test scores are valid for five years.


You must register on-line at the ETSĀ  Website to take an exam.


To schedule to take an exam at UMF Testing Services, Choose the Testing Center in Farmington Maine.



You may park in Parking Lot 17. Please park in spots that are designated for testing. Street parking is also available.

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