UMF Career Counselors / Advisors: 

graphic button saying Meet with Cyndi McShane graphic button saying meet with Steve Davis graphic button with text saying meet with Lori Soucie

Meet with Steve or Cyndi to discuss career-related topics such as resume writing, cover letter composition, job acquisition (full-time, part-time), career exploration, graduate school (selecting, applying, getting in), fellowships, and other post-graduation plans.

Meet with Lori for questions involving majors/minors, changing majors, am I in the right major?, creating a Self-Designed major, adding/dropping/withdrawing from a class, and general questions about academics. Lori is the person to see to discuss entry into the Liberal Arts Undeclared Program.

To contact a Counselor Directly: 

Stephen Davis, Career Counselor
(207) 778-7232,

Cyndi McShane, Assistant Director of Career Services
(207) 778-7035,

Lori Soucie, Assistant Director of Advising / Liberal Arts Undeclared Program
(207) 778-7040,