Interested in an internship? Great! The best place for you to begin searching for an internship at UMF is through the Partnership for Civic Advancement. The Partnership maintains a list of internship opportunities, available on UMF Careerlink, and connects students with available opportunities.

Want help creating a resume and cover letter to use when applying for an internship? Contact a Center for Student Development Career Counselor today! 

Here is some helpful information for UMF students seeking internships:

An internship can be an experience you earn credit for, but it does not have to be credit-bearing. 

An internship is a great way to gain experience and support your resume. If you do not need the credit to graduate, keep in mind that graduate schools and future employers are not concerned with whether or not you earned credit during the internship. An internship still may be a worthwhile venture, in addition to your classes at UMF.

Earning Credit: If you plan to earn UMF credit for your internship, consult with your academic advisor about:

  • Whether or not an internship can be integrated into your major/academic program
  • How many hours you will need to work/intern to earn the credits you seek

Be advised:  

  1. You will need to pay UMF for any credits you earn.
  2. You also will need faculty approval for any credits you earn, meaning a faculty member (your advisor, perhaps) will have to determine whether or not the project(s) you are undertaking as part of the internship are credit-worthy.

LIA 396 Option: If your academic department’s internship options prohibit you from earning the number of credits you seek (generally the maximum is 16 credits), then you are encouraged to consider earning up to 16 internship credits through LIA 396 Field Work and Experience, which is available to students majoring in programs within UMF’s College of Arts and Sciences. Speak to your advisor if you are interested in the LIA 396 option.

Timing and Credits: If you are seeking academic credit for your internship, you must obtain faculty approval and register for the credit (through the Registrar’s Office) BEFORE you begin the internship. No academic credit will be awarded for internships that have already been completed.

Financial Aid and Internship Credit: If you plan to earn academic credit for an internship during the summer and are planning to request consideration for financial aid (to help pay UMF for the credits you wish to earn), contact the UMF Financial Aid Office.

The Career Counselor’s Role:

A CSD career counselor can:

  • Offer you suggestions for what internships are available, where you can look for internships, and how you can apply for internships.
  • Advise you on how to prepare your resume and cover letter and get ready for the interview that probably will be required for the application process.

A CSD career counselor cannot “place” you with companies/organizations or guarantee you an internship with a company/organization.

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