While a quality resume and cover letter are strong parts of the application process, the interview is typically the most significant part of the job acquisition cycle. However, interviews can vary drastically in size and appearance. Interviews can take many forms, from in-person, over the phone, or through an internet video service. For some positions, a candidate will go through multiple interviews; for others, the interview is a singular event.

Often, interviews are the part of the application process that instills the most anxiety and fear in a candidate. While some stress is not unhealthy, too much stress can cause an issue. Remember, in truth, an interview is just as important for you, the candidate, as it is for the organization to which you’re applying. One way to stress less about an interview is by reminding yourself that an interview is really a conversation between you and your potential employer. In this conversation, you’re exploring whether the organization and position is right for you, while the employer is exploring whether you are right for the organization.

The information below offers resources about preparing for an interview, common interview questions, and questions you can ask an employer.

Preparing for an Interview:

Common Interview Questions:

A common technique an employer will use to end an interview is to ask the candidate if they have any questions. Strong candidates do, and so prepare at least three solid questions for your interviewer. The links below provide some ideas:

Finally, always send a Thank You note to all the members of the interview committee.  See the link below for guidance.

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