The Computer Science program at the University of Maine at Farmington goes far beyond the basics of software, hardware, and programming languages. Here, you’ll roll up your sleeves and get involved with the skills employers want to see.

You may learn about network security, develop applications in artificial intelligence or for the Web, and much more. We strive to make sure you’ll be well-versed in the latest technologies employers find so valuable.

Our Computer Science courses keep it relevant and interesting. You can investigate areas such as making applications that interact with devices such as cell phone operating systems, securing networks from attack, hacking the Kinect for Xbox 360, developing novel desktop applications, learning database management, designing genetic algorithms and neural networks to solve difficult problems, and studying cryptography.

Outside the classroom, you’ll have opportunities to put theory to the test. For example, a group of UMF students finished in the top 15 at a recent programming competition against more than 40 other teams. Each year, UMF sends a team of students to compete in this fun opportunity to network and learn.

Your on-campus work in the department’s own computer lab or the University’s Computer Center, together with opportunities for internships, undergraduate research, and multi-disciplinary coursework, will greatly enhance your education.

We prepare you for positions such as developer, analyst, system network administrator, database specialist, and computer facility manager. We also prepare you to be successful in graduate school.