UMF Students with U.S. Sen Angus King

The University of Maine at Farmington Political Science program provides you with opportunities to connect with national, statewide and regional political leaders as well as community organizations.

The Political Science program at the University of Maine at Farmington helps you understand the processes of governance, politics and power as well as the methods and philosophy of social science.

It provides you with an understanding and respect for diverse perspectives about political and cultural issues and a capacity to critically assess and think about issues and ideas involving politics and society.

In the process we aim to produce citizen scholars — dynamic independent thinkers who are both motivated to act and respectful of other people and differing opinions.

UMF Political Science students are active campus leaders: organizing on-campus political events, attending academic conferences, traveling on educational trips to Washington, D.C. and more.

What can I do with a degree in Political Science?

Data comes from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and other sources. Median Salaries for positions in Maine typically fall below those of other New England states.

What Sets the UMF Political Science Program Apart?

There are a number of things that make the University of Maine at Farmington Political Science program special.

Guest Lecturers
We regularly have guests come to our Political Science classes to guest-lecture, interact with our students in a meaningful way and make personal connections. The guests who come to our Political Science classes range from State legislators and local officials, to noted attorneys, to U.S. Senators and Congresspeople — from across the policical spectrum. You’ll get to meet these public servants, ask probing questions and make great contacts.

Student speaking with U.S. Congressman Jared Golden

These useful connections have helped our students go on to run for school boards, state legislature and other offices.

Internships and Jobs — while you’re a student
Many of our Political Science students have had political party, state government and congressional internships that helped them make lasting connections. A recent student worked as an intern for the Maine GOP and he now works in a high level data analysis position for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Two others got jobs in the White House after graduating from UMF and both have excellent positions now.

Political Discussions the Way They Should Be
Our students build lasting friendships across partisan lines because our faculty encourage civility and our students practice it. And our professors don’t push their own political agenda — they teach you how to think for yourself, not what to think.

Law School and Beyond
Graduates of our Political Science program often go on to attend some of the finest law schools in the country. Many others go graduate school in fields such as government, political science, international relations and economics.

Students who major in Political Science at Farmington are job-ready for a range of careers. Some pursue a career in politics, working in Augusta or Washington, D.C. in government or for elected officials. Some have gone on to become elected officials, themselves. Others become journalists, work for non-governmental organizations or choose a career in business or with non-profit organizations.

An example of what a UMF Policial Science graduate can accomplish is Mana Abdi, a 2018 UMF Political Science graduate. Mana was recently elected as the first Somali-American lawmaker in Maine, representing District 95 in the Maine Legislature. She also works at Bates College in the Office of Intercultural Education and prior to that worked for Disability Rights Maine in Augusta. As a junior at UMF, Mana interned in the Farmington District Attorney’s office, just a short walk from campus.

Annual U.S. Constitution Day Presentation

Each October in observance of U.S. Constitution Day, UMF Professor of Political Science James Melcher presents his Annual Supreme Court Preview and Review in Lincoln Auditorium on the UMF campus. The event is well attended and Political Science students, Pre-Law students and others are thoroughly engaged as Melcher provides engaging analysis of upcoming SCOTUS cases. For many, it’s a Political Science and Pre-Law highlight of the fall semester.

Political Science is a close knit major in which faculty members take a keen interest in each student’s individual aspirations. They work with students individually to plan the best route to their desired future, rejecting a cookie cutter approach to education in favor of one built around each student’s interests, strengths, and long term goals.

Save nearly $6,000 per year in tuition. This University of Maine at Farmington program will qualify for the New England Regional Program tuition discount beginning in Fall 2024.

This price break is for residents of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont for the 2024-2025 academic year — a savings of $5,880 per year.

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